Friday, February 25, 2011

Too Dang Ugly For Friday

Today, I am powerfully ugly.  My face is a mess, I didn't blow out my hair, and I'm wearing schlumpy jeans and a hoodie.  The hoodie is the cutest part, trust me.

I'm battling through Day Eleventy Million of the cold/flu/plague, and since I didn't have to look like a human, I'm not.  So no pictures to frighten the masses.  But that doesn't mean I can't show you daily fashion stuff.

Like this, the cutest purse I ever thrifted:

Red Relic top-handle purse, $5 from Goodwill on Lyndale and 494 in Richfield.  Just a good, basic purse in the perfect shade of lipstick red.

Be sure to check out that Goodwill location, they get a TON of new Target stuff - much like the Salvation Army lower level in downtown Minneapolis.  Speaking of which, look at what I found there for $20:

(Yeah, I got scary-eye going on, sorry.)  It's an Edinburgh Cloak/Cape, and it's by Merona.  Yes, Merona, the Target store brand.  Check this out:

"I believe I can flllllyyyyyyy!"  I feel so Sherlock Holmes-y in this thing.  Love, love, love.  And yes, it's fairly warm, too.  Which is a necessity in MN in winter, lest ye DIE.

But my thoughts are turning toward springtime, and the hopes that I can wear this dress again:

I bought it to wear to my 20-year high school reunion, and that's the ONLY time I've worn it.  Clearly, this needs to get remixed into my daily wear, stat.  Or else I'm afraid my evil closet will eat it...

Maybe I could pair it with boots?  I have a few pairs of those, you know.  sigh


  1. Omg that cape is gorgeous! Very sherlock. That dress would look lovely with a pair of black boots. My local goodwill occasionally will get New Stock from Target (and other places too) so I always come across brand new thrifted finds.

  2. Replied to your comment on my post:
    @ SC Erin - A. Thanks so much, I adore it and have plans to buy another slimmer harness in red one day.

    B. Pale Demon was so loaded. No spoilers, but it ties up some more loose ends, adds some new ones and is revving up to finish out the series. I can't believe I'll be waiting another year for the next one.

  3. Inverness Cape. Inverness. All you need is the deerstalker hat.

    Love that red dress. Feel better.