Monday, February 7, 2011

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Although this ain't my first time at the rodeo, vis-a-vis blogging*, I'm still a wee bit nervous about this initial post.  I know it doesn't have to be perfect - heck, I'll be lucky if anyone even reads it.  But I do want it to convey what I'm all about with this new project.  So with no further ado:

1.  I love horror movies, horror books, spooky fiction in general.  Always have, from a very young age when I saw my first scary movie, The Blob with Steve McQueen.  I was four.  Please don't judge my parents.

2.  I love fashion blogs and fashion bloggers.  However, they just don't post enough posts to fullfill my obsession. (How DARE they have lives!  Whadaya mean they can only wear one outfit a day!  Selfish, I say.)  I guess if I can't find what I want online, I should just make it myself, yes?

3.  The means to writing a successful fashion blog lies within my closets.  However, so does (one of) my greatest fears.  Closets are SCARY, yo.  Don't believe me?  I have a whole slew of childhood nightmares that say otherwise.

4.  I can combine the two - horror and fashion - to make an online journal of EPIC PROPORTIONS.  Or at least, of mild interest to whoever stumbles upon it.

In short, My Closet Should Not Be Scary is about what I wear each day, and... scary stuff.  Yeah.

Moving on!  Here is my inaugural outfit, worn today for the 3 hours I was out in public.  I have the flu, so I wasn't up to hair and make-up, thus the down-turned face:

Teal tunic sweater, Kohls
Grey skinny pants/leggings, JC Penneys
Black buckle boots, Target
I'm also wearing a black and bronze cocktail ring from Charlotte Russe and bronze earrings from Target.

Now for the scary bits!  (If my hair and grouchy face aren't scary enough for you.)  I love a good horror short story, but some of them can be kind of... esoteric.  Or porny (eww).  Therefore, I'm very particular in the short stories I'll read.  Only certain authors will do.

If you're new to reading horror fiction; a. Welcome to the fold!  We have snacks! and b. You can't do better than the King.  Stephen King's short story collections are genius, and I recommend you begin at the beginning with his first book, Night Shift.  It will demonstrate why King is the master of horror, as well as explain why I have a lock on the outside of my bedroom closet door.

This classic contains such goodies as Children of the Corn and The Mangler.  There's also a tale of obsessive love - I Know What You Need - and a brother's bond to his doomed sister - Last Rung on the Ladder.  The breadth of topics and plot lines truly show off King's mastery of the short form.  And that might be the most pretentious sentence I've ever written.  Whatever, just give Night Shift a try.  If you don't like sleeping, that is.

*I have another blog.  You may have heard of it - The Cheap  No?  Okay.


  1. Love it! Looking forward to more posts :)

  2. I like your writing style! :) Welcome to my blog- I would love to read any comments from you on my blog! :)