Thursday, March 31, 2011

Never Sleep Again

Dudes.  I iz sooooo sleepy.  And I'm beginning to feel like I may never have a good night's sleep again.  EVER.  Furthermore, I don't even have our favorite 5-knived-claw friend to blame.  I just haven't had enough time for sleep.  And that, my peeps, SUCKS.

You know what doesn't suck, though?  Today's outfit.  It, I believe, is Made Of Win:

Behold how bright it is!

So.  Freakin'.  BRIGHT!

With a big-ass,crazy-ass pattern, to boot!

However, it was so cold in work space, I had to rock my outfit thus:

Brrrr!  Here is what is up with my wardrobe:
Dress, Dillard's dress department in Omaha, NE.  (My greatest sadness is that we don't have Dillards in MN.  SOB!!!)
Jean jacket, Goodwill garage sale (sadly, they've canceled this awesome event)
Tights, Marshall's
Boots, Hand-me-down from my beloved Grandma Mac
Gold hoops, Target

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


No fashion today - I haven't been home to take a picture, and I won't be back until 9 PM tonight.  But!  That doesn't mean I can't fulfill the other half of my blog's raison d'etre.  Which would be stuff about scary stuff.  Furthermore, I've had a reader request (My first!  Yay!) for more book recommendations, and I do like to be useful.

Here is the stuff I'm reading right now.  Well, okay.  Not RIGHT right now.  Right now I'm typing.  Whatever, you get the point.

Seanan McGuire's October Daye series.  Now up to book four, this series about the Fae living in San Francisco has really hit its stride.  Book number three is even frightening - especially if you have children.  Start with Rosemary and Rue, which should be available at your local library.  Not the scariest series in the world, but definitely a page-turner.

Ilona Andrew's Kate Daniels series.  If you are sick of sexy vampires, endless discussion about werewolf politics, and heroines that can't fight back, you'll LOVE this series.  Sometimes spooky, other times downright gory, the Magic series turns all those used-up monster tropes on their sparkly heads.

Dan Simmons' Summer of Night and A Winter Haunting.  Summer is a full-on supernatural freak show, while Winter is more of a psychological thriller.  Bother are scary as hell and extremely well-written.  Which reminds me, I should really re-read them both, and then read The Terror, and THEN read Children of the Night.  Simmons is the bomb, yo.

Elizabeth Kostova's The Historian.  So.  Many.  Words.  So.  Little.  Pay-off.  Snoooorrrrre...

Anne Rice, Everything.  Not scary, not well-written, not worth it.

Sarah Langan's The Keeper.  It was so good, right up to the ending.  What is with horror writers and good endings?  I don't expect, or even want horror stories to have happy endings, but I do want a sense of closure and a completion of the plot line.  I hate being left hanging.
The Keeper's ending was depressing, and at the same time it didn't tie up the story for me.  However - I do plan to give Langan another chance.  The Keeper was her first book, and chances are her next three will rock.  She's too talented not to hit it out of the park.

Tana French's In The Woods.  I hate this book.  Hate, hate, hate it.  So much.

So what are you guys reading?

Friday, March 25, 2011

More Better

So hey!  I put on some real clothes and everything.  More importantly, I wore stripes in honor of Megan Mae.  Who, by the way, linked to me on her site.  Thank you, Megan Mae!  You are made of win.

In an effort to shake things up, and make a basic outfit more visually appealing, I tried out some new poses:

This is a take-off of the lovely poses Audi of Fashion For Nerds uses.  Also, I'm trying not to grin like a goon into the camera, as I am want to do.  However, I think I look a little dorky and self-conscious looking like this.  Next up:

Flat-footed ballerina!  Yeah, I'm totally ripping off Kasmira of What I Wore 2Day's cool dance poses here.  Trust me, she can actually do this whilst balancing on her toes.  Me?  Not so much.  And last:

Sadly, this is the real me.  Dorky super-hero pose and all.  Ah well, at least I'm doing the "tuck your chin to prevent a double-chin" head tilt, as taught to me by my buddy, Carol.

What I've got on:
Purple and black striped tunic sweater, Express on clearance
Dark-wash skinny jeans, Express on clearance (both pieces together cost just $30)
Cuffed over-the-knee boots, Payless Shoe Source from Fall 2010
Sparkly hoops you can't see because of all my hair, JC Penney's

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Well, hey there!  New readers, new commenters, all up in the 'hood!  Welcome to my closet, and please don't be afraid.  The only thing scary about it is what I'm wearing today:

Eeeeek!  Frightening, I know.
It's a snow day today in Minnesota, so I'm working from home.  And when I'm at home, I wear this:
Track pants, Target
White tube socks, Target
Animal t-shirt, gift from my buddy, Renee
Red hoodie, bought during college on a cold morning to wear to crew practice.  Yes, I was on crew.  No, I wasn't very good.

Tomorrow, I'll wear "real" clothes, I promise.  And if the weather continues to suck, I'll probably be wearing boots, too.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


In an effort to clear out the backlog of my daily wear photos, here's what I wore, oh, a month ago.  This outfit was specifically designed to NOT include a pair boots.

Outfit sans boots:
Black cardigan, Marshall's
White and black patterned turtleneck, Express
Jeans, Calvin Klein (clearance at Macy's)
Black strappy shoes, Skechers from some outlet store

However, it was freezing at the office, so I mostly looked like this:

Black fleece zip-up, lining from my winter parka (so old, I don't even remember where I bought it)
Below: silver locket bracelet, Savers

I have no idea what the initials are...

Monday, March 21, 2011

BEHOLD! I Have Pictures

Ta-Da!  Finally, finally, finally, my laptop is working.  My personal computer guru (otherwise known as my best friend Laura's husband, A.J.) fixed it all up on Saturday, and now it's running like a well-oiled machine.  All for the price of FREE.  Woot!  Thanks, guys.  You both rule.

What does that mean for you?  My one or two followers?  It means daily outfit pictures!  From over a week ago!  Yeah.

From Thursday, two weeks ago:

The outfit consists of:
Black zipper-pocket tunic, Macy's clearance sale
Black leggings, Express
Black boots, my Grandma Mac (freshened up with an awesome new black shoe polish I found at Target)
Gold hoops, dunno
Gold medallion necklace, the last epic Goodwill Garage Sale (miss that event, sigh)

That necklace is probably my favorite gold necklace EVER.  Jason (host of the Buzz on Fox 9) compares it to the big gold thingie from Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Whatever.  I love it:

Next up, last Thursday:

Yes, I have only two outfit poses.  Because, that's why.

The outfit I wore when I was pre-empted from the Buzz for a fireball:
Black faux-leather moto jacket, faux Target
Red cowl-neck sweater, Express
Black vest, Bitten from Steve and Barry's
Black pants, Old Navy via my buddy, Ashley
Grey and black stripey socks, Target
Black strappy Skechers, some outlet store

These pants are extremely wide-legged:

But look!  No boots!  And also, in honor of Megan Mae, stripey socks!

Stripey socks make any oufit that much better, yes?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ghost In The Machine

Sigh.  I get one problem fixed on my laptop, and another one pops up.  Now my computer won't recognize my camera.  Which means I can't download photos.  And photos, as we all know, are of VITAL IMPORTANCE to a daily fashion blog.

Fortunately, My Closet Should Not Be Scary (MCSNBS) is about TWO of my favorite topics - the other being scary stuff.  And scary stuff doesn't need pictures.  In fact, sometimes it's better not to see the horror.  So, let's get spooky, y'all.

Raise your hand if you love  If you don't, what's wrong with you?  It's the source of all knowledge - or at least, the knowledge that matters most - what scary movies are coming out when.

My favorite feature of is their Popular Movies By Genre pages (Super-easy to find on their IPhone app).  Based on number of Internet hits received, the media gurus at IMDb list the top 50 movies by genre, including horror.

Some of the movies on the Horror Page are oldies-but-goodies - stuff you've probably already seen.  For example, as I type, Alien is ranked at #21.  And right above it at #20 is that travesty of movie which everyone should avoid and instead read the book which is EPIC in its awesomeness *breathes after run-on sentence*, The Shining.  I kind of hate that movie.  A lot.  So did Stephen King, so I feel justified.  Although I didn't like his mini-series either.

The Popular Movies page also includes movies that are coming soon, like Scream 4 (#5), Red State (#11), and Apollo 18 (#24) - all of which I'm trying to con my friends into seeing with me.  And you'll find movies you need to rent NOW, like Severance (#41), Paranormal Activity 2 (#13), and Devil (#14).  Really helps a sister out when she's staring blankly at the Red Box screen.

Another thing (or rather, things) I love about are the Plot Summaries, Synopsis, User Reviews, and External Reviews.  With horror movies, I don't mind a spoiler or two.  Especially if the spoiler is, "and then she got raped."  Yeah.  I don't truck with rape scenes in my horror movies... or any movie for that matter.  It always feels gratuitous, and I don't need to see that shizz.

What Internet/App movie features do you guys use to suss out great horror (or other) films?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Super Glue: A Cautionary Tale

*Sorry for the lack o' posts lately.  I've been dealing with multiple computer issues, as well as a seriously lack of free time.  A regular posting schedule will resume shortly.

EDIT:  Cross-posted here.  You know, that other blog I write.

Ahh, super glue.  That binder of things come undone.  That sticker of stuff that wants to unstick.  That substance which burned a hole in my leg this morning... but I'm getting ahead of myself.  Let me share with you a series of steps you should avoid taking at all costs.  CHOOSE ANOTHER STAIRCASE, YO.

Step One:  Decide you can repair your favorite "plastic" faux-leather boots from Target yourself, with a judicious amount of super glue.

Step Two:  Sit yourself down on your couch in your poorly lit living room, with only the light of Fox 9's Morning News and a solitary lamp to guide you.

Step Three:  Uncork the glue.  Recall the last time you used it, it seemed to not want to come out of the tube.

Step Four:  Stab at the opening of the tube with the pin conveniently located in the cap, to ensure that damn thing is OPEN.

Step Five:  Grab the heel, and pull it back from the bottom of the boot.  Check the TV to see if the traffic report is on yet, as you are running late.

Step Six:  Squeeze REALLY FREAKING HARD on the tube, pointing it in what you assume is the general direction of the detached heel.  Think to self, "it's hard to see, what with the lack of light and the all-black boot."  Repeat.  Repeat.

Step Seven:  Clamp the heel firmly to the bottom of the boot.  Wonder to self if any glue dripped out onto the other side of the boot.

Step Eight:  Notice a sharp, burning pain on your thigh.  Wonder to self where the boiling liquid, which has obviously spilled on you, might have come from, as you haven't had your coffee yet today, and what else could be that mother-f%&king hot.

Step Nine:  Move boot aside and look down at your thigh.  Notice a large, dark stain.  Swear to self when you realize it's from dripped super glue.  A great deal of dripped super glue.  More like a stream of super glue, which clearly over-shot the heel of the boot.

Step Ten:  Flip boot over to see excess glue on the opposite side.  Swear out loud when you realize you got glue on your favorite boots.  Wipe at glue with bare hands.  Swear louder when you get glue all over yourself.

Step Eleven:  Notice that the burning sensation on your thigh is getting MUCH WORSE.  Touch the stain to ascertain that yes, super glue + jeggings = a chemical reaction which produces heat.  Marvel briefly at the wonders of science.

Step Twelve:  Begin to swear REALLY REALLY REALLY LOUD when the aforementioned burning pain builds to a zenith.  Pull down the jeggings.  Look down to see that a large swatch of skin is now missing from your thigh, as the super glue has affixed it to your jeggings.  Let out a girlie scream.

Step Thirteen:   Whilst continuing to swear loudly, attempt to a. wash the glue off your hands, b. check to make sure you didn't get any glue on the couch or carpet or coffee table, c. wipe the now-dry and tacky glue on the boot, removing nothing and d. pick at the dried glue on your pants to see if it might come off.

Step Fourteen:  Gaze in horror as the stain breaks in two, leaving a large hole in your favorite pair of jeggings.

Step Fifteen:  Clean your flesh wound with rubbing alcohol.  Swear.  Change clothes.  Swear.  Look at the clock to see how late you are.  Swear.  Throw out the ruined jeggings.  Cry.

The moral of my tale of woe?  Have a cobbler fix your boots, even if they are faux.  And never mix super glue with jeggings.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Rode To The Rebel Base Camp On Horseback

Today's outfit is very Star Wars meets Black Beauty.  A little equestrian, a little Luke Skywalker.  As one does:

All I need to do is saddle up my horse, grab my light-saber and hit the road!

With A Rebel Yell:
Forest green blazer, Bitten from Steve and Barry's (Lordy, do I miss that store)
Brown tank top, New York & Co.
Tan skinny cargo pants, Mossimo brand from Target (I believe these are still available)
Brown riding boots, from back in the day when Dayton's existed
Orange patterned scarf, Christmas gift from my bestie, Heather

The scarf is silk, which is wonderful for keeping one's neck warm, without adding a ton of bulk.  Heather gets the best scarves from the Turkish import store on Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis.  Check them out if you're in the area.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

If You Really Want More, Scream It Out Louder

Yeah, today's title has nothing to do with today's post.  I just love the song "More" by Usher. It is EPIC in its awesomeness.

Now on to the clothes.  Today, we sew!  (We meaning my bestie, Laura, and I)  Which means I needed an outfit that was comfy - and one that I could lace a corset over.  Because I don't sew regular clothes.  Oh no, I sew costumes.  Like this one:

MNRF 2010.  And then there's this one:

The Green Bay Packer Elizabethan.  I won an award for that ensemble.  It's also VERY popular in Wisconsin.

Anywho, costuming requires a special outfit, like this one:

Grey cardigan, thrifted Target-brand from Savers
Black patterned T, Converse All Star
Grey leggings, Express
Black buckle boots, Target
Faux-diamond hoops, Aldo

I'm also wearing a strapless bra, for easy removal.  You can't corset a person over a bra, you know.  And now, I'm off to sew!

Pink and brown sewing bag, gift from my bestie, Laura.

It's dangerous business, don't you know...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

This Outfit May Put You To Sleep

You would not want to wear this if you were a character in a Nightmare on Elm Street movie.  Why?  Between its pajama-like softness and snoresville appearance, today's ensemble would violate the number one tenent of a NoES flick - Don't.  Fall.  Asleep.

Let's check out it's narcoleptic qualities, shall we?  Yes:

Mmmm... soft and squishy fabrics... no constriction anywhere... comfy, butt-covering layers... low-heeled boots...

I love this drapey-cardigan thing.  It's so stretchy!

Maybe a bit TOO stretchy:

This is me being strangled by the stretchiness.  Perfect for a NoES sequel...

The Sleepies Outfit:
Grey-green drapey cardigan, Forever 21 for just $15
Pale greenish-blue drapey long-sleeved T, The Loft (gift from Dad and StepMom)
Grey peggings, JC Penney's clearance last year
Black OTK socks, Target
Black leather harness books, Target
Silver and pearl chain necklace, Savers Thrift Store in Maplewood

I'm a big fan of Savers in the strip mall across the street from Maplewood Mall.  That strip mall is a mecca of inexpensive shopping - to include Savers, Marshalls, Sally Beauty Supply and Burlington Coat Factory.  Let's take a closer look at the necklace I found there:

You can wrap it as many times as it will fit around your neck or wrist, creating several different looks.  And it's shiny!  My favorite color.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Quick Change Artist

This is NOT what I started out wearing today.  Today, for my biweekly Fox 9 appearance, I wore this outfit here.  But you've seen that already, and it's not the most office-appropriate ensemble (I won't wear OTK socks with bare legs to the office.  However, after looking at my photos, I apparently have no problem flashing cleavage.  Huh).

Ergo, I hied myself home and changed into this:

Classic Blogger Pose #1.  And...

Classic Pose #2.  What can I say?  If it ain't broke, don't change the pose.

Here is what it is:
Red, black, white and blue zig-zag patterned dress, bought it for $5 off my buddy, Ashley
Black drapey cardigan with ruched sleeves, Macy's clearance rack
Black sheer footless tights, Target (the $5 bin)
Black faux-suede boots, Target (Isaac Mizrahi for Target from back in the day)
Silver and black medallion necklace, Lia Sophia "show"
Ginormo silver hoops, NY&Co.  Maybe

I know, yet ANOTHER pair of black boots make their appearance.  And I still have one other pair you've never seen - a pair from Nine West from the late 90's.  I don't wear them much any more (they're dated and uncomfortable) but I keep them for sentimental reasons.  They were my gateway boots into all the zillion other pairs I now own.

Let's take a closer look at the suede-y ones:

Cute, cute, cute.  BUT.  That's kind of a higher heel for tromping around in, so I only bust them out when I know I won't be moving much.  And since I'm now off to sit and monitor a video shoot, movement won't be an issue.

P.S.  Those cords in the picture are from my sewing machine.  Yep, I sew - costuming stuff.  Not, you know, daily wear.