Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Today is Tuesday, aka One Of The Two Days A Week I'm On Fox 9's Morning Buzz.  As such, I have to look human, which translates into an outfit that films well (no crazy pattern near my face) and makeup that makes me look alive (in other words, application with a spatula).  Here are the results for the day:

Grey wool coat, so old it's from Daytons
Polka-dot fleece scarf, gift from my bestie, Heather
Cream heathered arm warmers, Target (on sale for $7.50)
Silver brooch, The Black Pearl at the Bristol Renaissance Faire

Chocolate brown shawl collar cardigan, eBay 4 years ago when you couldn't find them in stores
White/lime/teal/brown water-color pattern dress, birthday gift from my StepMom and Dad
Cream micro-fishnets, can't remember and I wish I bought a zillion pairs
Chocolate brown boots with button detail, JC Penneys clearance sale
Gold multi-chain necklace with disc, Opitz Outlet

Today's outfit is all about the boots.  I haven't worn them once this year - BAD CLOSET.

Yeah, I can't really blame my closet.  I can only blame the lack of wearage on the loss of the dress I usually pair up with these boots.  That dress no longer fits (too big!  yay me!), but the boots remain.

Further complicating the matter, these HAVE to be worn with dresses and skirts - they look terrible worn over leggings or jeans.  However, I do have one other brown-based dress, so with any luck, I can bust out the boots for another wearing soon.

Let's take a closer look:

And to prove I don't take my daily wear, or myself too seriously:

Tune in tomorrow for the horror, THE HORROR!  No, not more random pictures of me - other horror fiction recommendations.

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  1. I am particularly fond of that last photo.