Saturday, July 14, 2012

Why I'm Gone

So yeah.  I've been gone daddy, gone from this blog for MONTHS.  And the reason is... long-winded.  Bottom-line, I do not have the time to support this blog, my professional blog, and my hobby-blog.  So I thought I'd go out with a bang!  And what's more bangin' than awesome costumes?  NOTHING, THAT'S WHAT.  Here are the costumes I wore this spring to Costume Con in Arizona:

The Steampunk Saloon Girl I've worn before.  Notice the teeny-tiny gun?

My latest Green Bay Packer costume.  I call it Packer Punk.  It's a mash-up of Steampunk, Nerfpunk, and the AWESOMENESS of Green Bay.

My Cindy Lou Who costume for the Masquarade...

My buddies dressed as the 11 Dr. Whos.  I was the 12th Dr.... Cindy Lou.  We got the biggest laugh of the Con, and Judge's Choice :)

I turned my Day Of Wrong courtesan costume to a Wrong 18th Century French.  As one does...

I turned a gifted bodice (thank you Suzette!!!) into a sort-of Titannic gown.  Close enough!  And me bestie, Laura, did my hair.

Thank you to everyone who has read this blog.  Please come over and friend me on FB at Erin Elizabeth!  I want to stay in touch with you guys :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Warts And All

Okay, I don't actually have warts.  But I do have a big, adolescent-esque zit on my nose.  And yet?  Here's what I wore on the warmest day of the week:

Notice the shoes.  Those shoes are a boy-repellent.  I actually had a date ask me if I was wearing slippers.  Um no:

Those are definitely shoes.  Worn with the only pair of short pants/capris/cropped pants that fit me right now.  As - another wart - I've gained 9 pounds, and they do not want to leave my ass.  Sigh.  You know what I say to that zit and flab?

What.  Ever.  I gotta be me!

Lace top, thrifted Target
Brown cropped cardigan, random teeny-bopper store
Brown tank, NY & Co. from a thousand years ago
Cropped pants, um.  I don't remember!!!
Fuzzy leopard print shoes, Target.

And look!  I even took a close-up picture:

But not of my zit.  THAT is scary.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Large Untruth

This outfit is a lie, the sun is a lie and my happy face in this photo is the biggest lie of all...

Don't I look all cheerful and healthy and put together?  And doesn't that lovely sunlight make you think it's warm and lovely where I live?  LIES.  Because this is how I've really felt this week: 

This is how I really feel.  I have a massive head cold AGAIN, and I have NO TIME TO BE SICK.  I have work to work on, costumes to sew on, and chores to chore on.  At least I look okay, right?  And I looked nice for the full 4 hours I wore this, before stripping down to my jammies and hopping back in bed.

Outfit of Untruths:
Navy blue cardigan and tank top, Ann Taylor via a gift from my StepMom
White jeans, Tommy Bahama
Tan shoes, Stuart Weisman (sp?) via Optiz Outlet.
Silver cuff, one of those pop-up accessory shopping events

And just for you?  A "stuff shot", ala Sheila :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Still Truckin'

On Tuesday, I wore a skirt, a closet orphan (to quote a Sally McGraw term), and a different pair of boots than what I wore on Monday.  What I didn't do?  Take a dang picture.  However, I wore that gear on TV.  Roll video!

And no, that was not a shameless plug to get you to watch my Cheap Chick segments... ;)

What I Wore On TV:
Red cowl-neck sweater, Express
Black ribbed cardigan, The Gap (on clearance)
Corset belt (aka, the closet orphan), Target
Charcoal grey pin-striped skirt, Issac Mizrahi for Target (god I miss his stuff)
Black sheer tights, Marshalls
Black boots, Circa Joan & David from Macy's (?).  That's their last wearing until I take them to George's Shoes for cobbling.

Yesterday, on Wednesday, I wore my third pair of boots, but no skirt.  We had a Snow My God day, and I needed to dress weather-appropriate.

Yesterday's closet orphan is that cream sweater/coat.  It's soooooooo warm, often TOO warm.  However, it was perfect for sitting in the freezing studio at my other job (yes, all my jobs involve studios, it's true).

The scarf, boots and jeggings are far from being orphans.  In fact, I wear them a wee bit too much, if you ask me...

The other orphan is the navy T-shirt.  It's flattering and a good layering piece and yet... I almost never wear it.  Bad me!  Time to put that baby on heavy rotation!

Wednesday's Winter Wear:
Cream sweater/coat, gift from my bestie Cindy
Grey fringed scarf, gift from my SIL
Navy T-shirt, Target clearance rack
Jeggings, Target
Black OTK boots, Payless

Monday, February 27, 2012


No full face tonight.  I'm in a wee bit of pain, I'm exhausted, and I'm not feeling it.  Can you guess what I did after work?

Today's outfit is very, very specific.  I recently decided (like, on Sunday afternoon) to wear a different pair of boots every day until I've worn them all.  And also, wear all my skirts.  And also, also, wear those items that don't get much play in my daily outfits.

The moto jacket is awesome and gorgeous, and yet I don't wear it that often.  Because... I don't know.  And I haven't worn my olive green button wool skirt all winter.  Sigh.  Closet Fail!

Still can't tell what I did after work?  Here's a clue:

You got it - I donated blood.  And my vein did NOT want to cooperate, meaning I am bruised and achy.  And tired.  And my tummy is acting up (unrelated to the donation).  Somebody call the Waaaaaahmbulance.  I need a ride.

Purposeful Outfit #1:
Light grey moto jacket, gift from my StepMom
Black turtleneck tunic, Target
Olive green skirt, uber-sale at Banana Republic
Black leggings, Old Navy
Black vintage boots, my Gramma Mac's.
Gold hoops, Target
Kick-ass cape-coat in the background, faux-Target

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My New Favorite Sport

And no, it's not shopping.  My latest obsession*?  Lacrosse, baby!  This may be the GREATEST SPORT YOU AREN'T WATCHING.  I went to my first MN Swarm Lacrosse game last night, and it combined dancing at a club, cheering (one of my favorite activities), aerobics, and grown men smacking each other upside the head with sticks.

I LOVED IT.  If you have a lacrosse team in your home town, I strongly recommend attending a game.  And if you're checking out a cool new sport, you should dress appropriately.  Here's what I wore:

Stripes!  To go with the bee theme of the Swarm's uniform.  And boots!  Because the arena is cold, peeps.

Although I like my outfit, it had a slight problem:

Wearing stripes around one's bum and hips make them look larger, no?  Ah well, I was comfy:

And comfort at a sporting event is key.  So is wearing a bad ass ring:

I'll give two points to the reader who knows what movie that ring is from!

The Swarm Outfit:
Faux-leather moto jacket, faux-Target aka the Salvation Army in downtown Mpls
Striped t-shirt, Express
Skinny jeans, Calvin Klein by way of a Macy's sale
Black three-buckle flat boots, Macy's sale
Ring, movie swag from my old video job

*Also!  Name the movie that phrase, latest obsession, is from!  You'll win 200 points!  For... nothing!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Still Dressed

Barely.  Hah!  PUN.  BARE.  Eh, whatever, it's the best I've got tonight.  I am beyond tired, stressed and overworked - thus, I lack any and all witty banter.  But I don't lack a cool shirt!  Let me show you:

I KNOW.  That embroidery is off the HOOK.  Best of all, it's not just pretty on the front and the sleeves.  It's also embroidered on the back.  Behold!

It's pretty both coming AND going!  Love it!

BUT (there's always a but).  It's one of those pieces of clothing where the item itself is stunningly beautiful.  However, the item does not make ME look stunningly beautiful, regardless of how gorgeous it may be.  In fact, it kind of makes me look pregnant.  And hippy.  A hippy pregnant lady.

Also, it's a bit... much.  I feel like the tunic is wearing me, and not the other way around.  But I've toned it down the best I can with basic black leggings and big-ass boots.  So, all in all, I still feel pretty, oh so pretty!

Red Indian tunic (actually FROM India), gift from a dear friend (thus I will never be parted from it!)
Leggings, Express bought on sale
Black over the knee boots, Payless
Curly-ass hair, courtesy of my parents' genes.