Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday

According to the source of all knowledge, Google, it was Jules Verne's birthday on the 8th.  In celebration, I dressed in the closest thing I have to sailor-wear:

Stripey sweater with button detail, H&M on clearance
Skinny cargo pants, Target (full price, bad me!)
Three-buckle boots, Target
White gold hoops, birthday gift from my wonderful mother

I lovee mixing the sailor-style with the more army-look of the pants.  It's like an Army/Navy football game is happening on my body.  Or something.

And because you can't really see the buttons:

Close-up!  And WOW does my neck look weird.  Moving on:

The Target boots.  I hadn't worn them in awhile (my evil closet was hiding them in its dark clutches), but now they're popping up all over the place.  I love them, but they are not the most well-constructed shoe I've owned - faux leather.  I just know they're going to die a death in the next year or two.  *sob*

Google, via Wikipedia, goes on to tell us that Jules Verne is the Father of Science Fiction and the Godfather of Steampunk.  As such, I busted out some of my favorite Steampunk'd accessories:

Top hat, La Paloma at the Bristol Renaissance Faire
Clockwork pin on hat, gift from my bestie, Laura
Fingerless knit gloves with brass button accents, random teeny-bopper store in Chicago, IL
Lazer gun, gift from my buddy, Carol


  1. I love that you have "favorite steampunk accessories".

    I loveeeeee those pants. I've tried them on a few times (secret #1 of Target shopping, all size 9s of any given pair of pants are not the same) but none have fit....YET!

  2. Wait until you see the modded gun pack! I have entire Steampunk COSTUMES. Yeah...