Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eh, So I Lied

I'm posting another picture featuring boots.  But hey!  At least they're BROWN boots and not BLACK boots.  That's progress, yes?  Yes.

This is another "blast from the past" outfit.  I wore it to work about three weeks ago, but I wanted to post it as it demonstrates my basic winter uniform:

1.  Tight pants
2.  Boots
3.  Layered tops that cover my booty
4.  Dry hair, so it won't freeze outside.  Brrr!

Through trial and error through many a MN winter, I've discovered the warmest leg-coverings tend to be the tightest.  Thick, tight pants add an excellent layer of insulation, as well as smooth out any lumps or bumps one might have gained over the winter holidays.

Anyhoobies, enough of the discussion.  To the outfit!

That long-ago outfit:
Pink and cream lace henley, Anthropologie (gift from my Dad and StepMom)
Red heathered tunic sweater, Target (full price, as I HAD TO HAVE IT)
Skinny dark-wash jeans, Express (on clearance for $15)
Brown suede and leather riding boots, so old they're from Daytons
Not pictured - green and gold dangly earrings, ten dollar store
Photo credit - Dan, our awesome editor

Do you have a "winter uniform?"  Or, a uniform way of dressing, period?  And did you pick the uniform, or did it pick you?  Last, are you happy with it, or is it time for a change?

No scary stuff today, but I'll leave you with this frightening mental image - my booty, NOT covered by a tunic or long shirt.  GAH!!!!  The horror...

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