Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to MEEEE!!!!

You say it's your birthday?  It's my birthday, too, yeah!  Seriously, it is.  I turn 39 years old today - woot!  Last year of my thirties!  Party on, Wayne and Garth. 

My sister-in-law has declared 39 to be a more better year that 38.  Why?  Because 38 is so unnecessary and lacking in meaning, but 39 has PURPOSE.  I'm on board with that, as random as it sounds.  Why not, I ask you?

As I am spending my entire birthday in my jammies, I thought I'd show you pretty piccies of what I want to be wearing.  But would have to purchase first, lest I being stealing clothes...

Merona® Womens Scoopneck Ponte Dress w/Pleats - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window

Merona dress, $24.99.  I once owned this Target dress in black in a size Medium.  I've lost 10 lbs since then, and amped up the color in my wardrobe - so now I want this in that teal green in a size Small.

Mossimo® Womens Printed Shift Dress - Brown Print.Opens in a new window

Mossimo Dress, $29.99.  This Target dress is so freaking CUTE.  And it's BROWN, so I can wear it with BROWN BOOTS.  Yes, the All Caps are necessary - I almost never find cute tunics in a brown color-way.  This may be my birthday gift to my self. :)

Merona® Collection Womens Graham Knit Dress - Black.Opens in a new window

Merona Dress, on sale for $13.98.  In the clearance section on Target's website!  I CAN NOT OWN ENOUGH BLACK DRESSES.  It's a sickness, peeps.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to wander over to and do a bit of shopping there!

Monday, January 16, 2012

I Wore Clothes This Weekend

... just in case you were concerned.  It snowed here, too, making it necessary that I clothe myself.  Lest I freeze and all that.

Why did I bother getting dressed?  To attend the Operation Glass Slipper sale with my bestie, Laura, and her daughter, the lovely G.  All fancy dresses were a mere $5, and wedding dresses (which none of us needed, but are still fun to try on) were $50 or less.  G and I nabbed a few dresses each, and Laura picked up a slinky pink number.  Photos to come as we wear them.

Here's how I dressed to try on dresses:

As usual, the outfit is all about the boots - my faux-Fryes from Target:

The outfit also showcases one of my bazillion scarves.  This one is from a silk vendor in California:

It's a mix of irridescent purple and green, so it matches roughly 85% of my wardrobe...

I even got a close-up of the jewels, folks:

Nope, I'm not a natural blonde.  Shocking, for sure!

Shopping Wear:
Silk scarf, picked up by Laura during her summer trip to Cali
Grey ruffled and drapey cardigan, Moth via the CHAP Store for a mere $3.50
Blue tank, Express
Leggings, Old Navy
Grey boot socks, Target (LOVE THEM!)
Black harness boots, Target via my sister-in-law
Black and silver earrings, Target

What did you crazy kids do this weekend?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Trying To Be Fancy-Like

Dudes, work is a waking nightmare - too much work, too much change, too many people involved.  The only way I could cope yesterday with teaching/managing/producing/etc. was to wear something mildly creative.  Here you go:

Layers!  Funky tights!  (not that you can see them in these photos...)  No black!  Trust me, this is the height of creativity that I can muster right now.

I love this dress so much.  It was a gift from my StepMama for my birthday, and cost a cool $25 on sale.  Bless you, Dillards dress department!

The boots are a bad-ass JCPenney's find.  Tres inexpensive, and comfy enough wear to teach a 3 hour class.  On my feet.  The whole time.

Joooooo-wreeeee!  I decided on a close-up, since they never show in my full-length photos.

The Deets:
Teal tank top, Express
Watercolored dress, Dillards in Omaha
Chocolate blazer, Daytons from 1997!  Still love it, though
Micro-fishnet tights, Target.  And they don't make them anymore.  And I got a hole in mine.
Chocolate boots, JCPenney's 2008 on SALE
Jewelry, Necklace is Lia Sophia and the earrings are Target

Now... back to the salt mines!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sheila Says

Dudes!  I have arrived as a fashion blogger!  How do I know that?  Because the lovely and well-dressed Sheila of Ephemera said so.  How did she say so?  She gave me a Major Award!  THAT IS DEEPLY COOL, PEEPS.  Thank you, Sheila, for sticking with my sporatic, not-so-daily daily style blog.

Sheila said one of the things she liked best about my Scary Closet are the costumes.  Sheila, you are in luck, because I have more costumes to show you!

Last year (2011, hee-hee) in early December, I helped host our MN costuming guild's first Big Holiday Bash.  It's called: A Steampunk Christmas Carol, Fezziwig's Party.  And it was EPIC.  As was the costuming:

Behold!  My buddies (the Wench Posse) and I in our official portrait for 2011.  Yup, we are a fun, historically incorrect bunch!

Here's what I wore:

Formal-wear Assassin* Ensemble:
Silver/black tiny top hat, gift from Laura, embelished by me
Black ruffled blouse, Victoria's Secret by way of eBay
Black satin corselet, made by me with GREAT DIFFICULTY
Grey/blue apron with ball-fringe trim, made by me, pattern by Victorian Times (?)
Grey/blue bustle with ball-fringe trim, bustled by Laura, sewn by me
Black lace-up boots, Durango by way of eBay
Black lacy tights, gift from Heather
Black leather arm-warmers, China by way of eBay

*My Steampunk "persona" is an assassin.  I like having a persona, it helps me plan out my costumes.  What makes this costume assassin-y?  The thigh-holster and pistol you can't see in this photo.

My costuming bestie, Laura, also looked fabulous:

She wore her Steampunk Snow Queen costume, as befitting her position as our guild's President.  I told her if she was the Snow Queen, then my costume was Black Ice.  That's a MN joke for those of you in warmer climes...

Check out these other fabulous folk:

above: My Ren Fest buddy, Dave, and his gorgeous wife, Chris...

above:  My friend, Carol, admires Traci's uber-cool metal Steampunk'd arm.  BTW, Traci makes those for purchase...

Laura and I would like to leave you with the power of RAWK:

And again, thank you Sheila!!!!

NOTE:  official photos courtesy of Jim Jordan, Photographer.