Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Boots Again

The Neverending Cold (which, sadly, is NOTHING like The Neverending Story) rages on in my Scary Closet, so I'm home sick.  Yes, again.  Sigh.  And my outfit consists of p.j. pants and the cardigan I wore yesterday.  Cute, I'm sure.

Therefore, I'm dragging out an outfit I wore last week that features, you guessed it, boots.  But a different pair!  Ones I haven't worn on the blog yet!  That counts for something right?

Or it means I own way too many pairs of black boots.  Whatever - these were a gift from my darling sister-in-law, Meg.  Thanks, Meg!

I love the comfort of this outfit, but as you can see, the sweater doesn't exactly flatter my saddlebags.  Yup, I have wide hips.  I'm a pear shape - and no, I don't think being a pear = being fat.  I'm just wider through the hips, and I'm (usually) okay with that.

The comfy outfit from last week:
Rose patterned scarf, Lillians Shoppes on Grand Avenue
Olive green sweater, Old Navy on sale ($20)
Black leggings, Express (my favorite brand/store for leggings)
Olive green OTK socks, clearance from Macy's
Black leather biker boots, the amazing ones from Target online.  LOVE THEM.

In fact, I love these boots so much, we should look at them closely:

You should go buy a pair.  So I'm not alone in my excessive boot ownership.  KTHXBAI.

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  1. You're not alone in your excessive boot ownership. Not one bit, haha! Super cute scarf.