Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Scary Little Love Songs

Today's outfit was so meh and bleah and unfun, I'm not even honoring it with a picture.  If you really, really, really need to see it, you can watch it in action here.

I'd much rather talk about an unsung topic - scary music.  Oh sure, we've all heard of Thriller, but what about the rest?  What about those creepy ditties from your youth that freaked you out whenever they came on the AM radio (yeah, I AM that old)?  Where's their love?

I've got your love right here.  Below, the songs that scared me as a child and why:

1.  The Legend of Wooley Swamp by the Charlie Daniels Band.  Swamps are scary.  Crawly critters are scary.  Ghosts are scary.  Combine the three with a righteous hook, and you've got one hell of a song.

2.  Somebody's Knocking by Terri Gibbs.  As an eight-year-old, I totally thought this song was about the devil knocking at your door.  Now I know it's just about a bad boy making a booty call - which to me is just as scary.

3.  Hotel California by the Eagles.  Dudes.  Have you every really listened to the lyrics?  "Some dance to forget?"  "Stab him with their steely knives?"  "You can never leave?"  Eek!  I was convinced this song was about a haunted insane asylum when I was a kid.  Perhaps I was right.

4.  Devil Woman by Cliff Richard.  I've never been afraid of possession by the devil or any other demon/spirit/what-have-you.  However, I guess I was afraid of being visited by the actual devil - in male or female form - as a youth.  Stephen King wrote a great short story about that once...

What songs frightened you as a child?  Did you just misunderstand or mishear the lyrics?  Or were they genuinely scary?

And because you sat through my stroll down memory lane, I'll reward you!  With pictures of what I wore yesterday!  Yeah, um.  Lucky you.

I entitled yesterday's outfit, "I Need To Stop Wearing Boots All The Time:"

Black cardigan, so old it used to be from Dayton's
Grey plaid dress, thrifted from Saver's in Columbia Heights, MN
Over-the-knee socks, Target
Black cuffed boots, Payless (and yes, they are the same boots I wore on Saturday, featured in yesterday's post)
Downward head tilt, courtesy of my lack of makeup

Speaking of the downward glance, I know why I do it - and I've read why other bloggers do it, too.  However, every time I see it/do it, it makes me think there's something shiny on the ground, just out of the viewer's sight:

"Ooooooo, look!  Shiny object!  Weeeeee!"
Yeah.  I'm a dork.


  1. 1. You are so cute I could die. I'm not sure what you hate about the on air outfit? It looks cute to me?

    2. Hotel California. I think we can all agree that song is terrifying even now.

    3. OH MY GAH. The dress! The boots! The over the knee socks! That look is so super cute and flattering.

    4. lololololol at stop wearing boots. I wear the SAME PAIR OF BOOTS like 80% of the time. Who cares?

  2. Super cute dress! I used to be in love with/terrfied by Poe (See Angry Johnny, Dolphin, Hello).

    Boots, I'd probably wear the same boots everyday if the Hubs wouldn't glare at me for.. well buying new boots.