Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Eye, MY EYE!

No, seriously.  MY EYE!  I've managed to "abrade" the corner of my left eye - aka scratched the ever-lovin' HELL out of my EYE so bad it friggin' HURTS.  ALL THE TIME.  Also, it is bright red, which is not conducive to cute fashion blogging photos.  Or being on TV, but if you're dying to watch my Fox 9 segment, you can do so here.

Instead, I'll regale you with outfits past, in particular, last Thursday's made for TV ensemble:

I'm trying to be different with the posing.  I'm all, hey look!  There's something over yonder!

I wonder what it could be?!?!  Something shiny?  But more importantly, look down:

No boots!  Instead, heeled oxfords.  Change is good, yes?

The 411:
Grey moto jacket, The Loft (gift from my Dad and StepMom)
Black drape-front shirt, Express from roughly 4 years ago
Grey heathered petal-front pencil skirt, bottom half of a "spring" suit from The Limited
Black patterned tights, a loaner from my bestie Heather... from over a year ago (whoopsies!)
Black oxfords with a small heel, gift from my Dad during our trip to Vancover.  IN 1989.  I KNOW.
Silver and fresh water pearl necklace, Nu Look Consignment in Mpls

Get a load of these now-vintage beauties:

They are the oldest item in my closet, and I still love them.  Once upon a time, I thought the heel was a smidge too high.  Now they're like flats to me.

What's the oldest item you still wear, living in your closet?

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