Friday, November 18, 2011

Scary Things Lurking In My Closet, Part One

Lately, the only truly scary thing about my closet (besides the Boogeyman, but that's what the lock on my closet door is for) is that I keep forgetting about its contents.  Once again, I discovered a cardigan I'd bought a MONTH AGO and forgot to wear.  I remedied that on Wednesday.  However, I was never home to take an outfit photo.  So you'll just have to take my word for it - the green/grey cardi from Target exists, and it is lovely.

Although I love my closets now (except for the Boogeyman - he is dead to me), this has not always been the case.  Let me share a few of the terrifying items that once lurked in those dark depths...

1.  Mom-waisted jeans.  Not only did I own such jeans, I pegged them, and then covered the safety pins with scrunchy socks or legwarms.  Oh 80's.  You were an ugly, uncomfortable time.

2.  Stirrup pants.  I WISH these had just been big in the 80's!  Stirrups made their evil ways known to my closets all the way up until I graduated college.  In '94.  ICK.  And stirrup pants never had enough Lycra in them, so I always bagged them out/wore them out in the knees.  I have very bony knees, folks.

3.  Overalls.  Just... no.  Unless you are painting a house, you should not own overalls.  Ever.  I don't care what TLC wears in their videos.  YOU ARE NOT TLC.  Rest in peace, Left-Eye.

4.  Converse sneakers.  Guys, look.  I know all those hipsters out there are sporting their Converse all over town.  You might even be one of those hipsters.  Heck, some of my friends are hipsters, and they wear Converse in my presence.  And I refrain from making snarky comments about how the cast from Singles wants their shoes back.  Because I love my friends, and everyone is entitled to wear the footwear of their choice.  Even an over-played choice like Converse.

5.  Big, black, clunky shoes.  The 90's were as cruel with their fashions as the 80's.  Possibly worse.  And the one item I look back at with the most fear and loathing were those clunky-heeled, un-cute, goth/grunge/club kid clonkers we wore.  Sure, they're comfy, but MAN are they UGLY.  Embrace the curvy heel, ladies!  You'll look better for it.

What looks from the past still haunt you today?  And have you banished them from your closets?  And then lit sage to remove any lingering trace of horror?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Same Thing, Different Day

It's the same old story - I'm busy, I haven't taken outfit photos, my back aches, oy my poor feet, damn kids get off my lawn!  In other words, I haven't posted in quite some time.  My bad.

However, I have worn costumes, and I have taken pictures of THEM at least.  So!  Here you go!  More costume pictures.  Hell, at least I'm wearing something, right?  Right?

A week ago Saturday, I worked at the Minnesota Society of Costumers Steampunk Sale.  My other Steampunk costume was at the cleaners, so I wore this:

Um, yeah.  This outfit is a wee bit more bare than I thought it was as I wore it.  But pictures don't lie.  Too much belly!  Not enough, you know, SHIRT.  Ah well, it was comfy and I didn't overheat!

Tiny top hat, Claire's Boutique decorated by me.
Grey half vest, Savers
White half shirt with banded collar, Savers and then cut off by me.
Black knitted hand warmers, some teeny-bopper store in Chicago.
Burgundy velvet bloomers, Opitz Outlet.  They are Triple Five Soul from the Holiday Collection, originally $95 and I got them for $5.
Black patterned tights, ???
Black bull rider boots, Durango via eBay.

Then, last Saturday, I showed the world which football team I loved the best with this number.  I wore it to its first MN event, the MarsCon Masquerade.  Most people loved the costume, if not the team:

My Green Bay Packer Elizabethan court gown.  GO PACK GO!

Homage to the greatest football team in the history of ever:
Cheesehead top hat, Mall of America
Fabric and trims, Mill End and Jo Ann's
Football purse, Jo Ann's
Patterned and sewn by my bestie, Laura, and me.

Here I am with my biggest rival:

And yes, I'm posting this during the Monday Night Football match-up of the Vikings v. Packers!  GO PACK GO!

Friday, November 4, 2011

A Theme

I like dressing for a theme, whether it's real or imagined.  Wednesday night, I had a meeting with the Minnesota Society of Costumers (I'm a board member) to discuss our Steampunk Christmas Carol party.  So I thought it an appropriate time to bust out a wee bit o'punk:

We gathered at Baker's Square, in order to partake of the FREE PIE:

above:  Happy Bunch of Pie-Eaters.  Um.  That kind of sounds dirty...  And yes, one of our board members Skypes in from Austin, MN.

Of course, meetings at Baker's Square can lead to photo-bombing with pie:

And all situations lead to Too Much RAWK For One Hand:

Steampunk-esque Outfit:
Lace shirt, Target by way of ARC Value Village by way of my bestie, Laura
Olive drab jacket, MASSIVE sale at The Gap over the 4th of July
Tan skinny cargo pants, Target Mossimo brand
Black fold-over boots, Payless Fall 2010

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Recap

No pictures - I didn't wear a costume (I KNOW.  I'm a costumer who doesn't costume for Halloween.  WEIRD.) but I did wear an all-black, ergo all-boring outfit.  And I ate candy.  And I watched Halloween.

I was also reminded of Halloween 3, Season of the Witch, aka the Halloween that has nothing to do with Michael Meyers, aka the Halloween movie that SUCKS.  Have you guys seen this dog?  It's about Druids and Stonehenge and masks.  Seriously.  And it contains some of the worst acting ever acted in a horror movie.

I saw Season back in high school at a party - I was a nerd, I hung with fellow nerds, and our idea of a cool party was watching bad 80's horror movies.  Therefore, I've seen such fine films as Season of the Witch, Nightmare on Elm Street 2, and The House.

I also got to see epic movies like The Lost Boys and Sheila's pick, Near Dark.  Sadly though, the clinkers outweighed the hits.

What is the WORST horror movie you've ever seen?  The one so lacking in scares, it actually pissed you off.  For me?  The over-hyped first Friday The Thirteenth.  Bor.  Ring.