Thursday, February 24, 2011

Goose Your Boose

My dad, the English professor, has this saying he... says whenever he's talking about individual tastes.  However, it's in Latin and I have NO FREAKING IDEA what the man is saying.  I can't even repeat it, as I don't speak Latin.  However, it vaguely sounds like "goose your boose," so that's what I always think when talking about personal style.

Go ahead!  Goose your boose!  Wow, that kind of sounds dirty... Moving on.

I had to look human today for the TV.  This was the best I could do:

Trust me, I photograph better than I actually look.  I look like hell in real life.

Today's outfit were, per usual, all about the boots:

Yep, I'm wearing boots again.  Here's what else I'm wearing:

Navy cardigan with silver trim and buttons, The Loft (X-mas gift from my Dad and StepMom)
Navy tank top, The Loft (X-mas gift from my Dad and StepMom)
Grey leggings, Express (I love their leggings for true)
Cuffed black flat boots, Payless
White gold hoops, gift
E typewriter key necklace, gift from my bestie Laura

Close-up of the stuff:

I needed to wear something warm, comfy, and with flat shoes.  Thus, the boots - AGAIN.  On the plus side, I wear all the different black boots I own all the time.  As evidenced by this blog.


  1. You know? It's nice knowing even "The Cheap Chick" has a weakness to be honest. I will not use this to justify my own weakness. (floral dresses). *crosses finger behind back*


  2. Oh girl. I have SO MANY WEAKNESSES. They are multitudinal, for true.

    And you wear all your floral dresses, so I see that as a strength!!

  3. What a lovely necklace. Clearly someone who loves you would purchase an old piece of a typewriter as a piece of jewelry for you.

    Viva la black boots. Or Zapatas Negras.