Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lookie, Lookie, I'm Dressed

Today's outfit did NOT photograph very well.  But it looked good on the Fox 9 couch this morning, and I liked it just find:

Yeah.  I'm not missing a button, it just came unbuttoned.  And I didn't notice until I had taken the pictures.  And I'm too lazy to retake them.  And now you know what a slacker/clueless individual I am.

But I still love this outfit.

It's cheery and comfy and let's be honest.  My boobies look AWESOME.  Except for that damned unbutton button...

Also?  Notice the shoes.  The Stuart Weiztmans I found at Optiz for a mere $26 (orginally $260, woot!).  I love them too:

Here's what is what:
Peach ruched T-shirt, Target (right now!  just $10!)
Plaid fitted vest, NY & Co. on clearance
Skinny jeans, Calvin Klein
Nude pumps, Opitz Outlet in St. Louis Park

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Outfits Past

I promise I'll start doing regular posts around here about clothes and scary stuff.  In the meantime, here's an ode to all the outfits I've worn before.  That traveled in and out my door.  In the last few days, anyway...

I wore this last Monday to the office.  Please excuse my sad, un-styled hair.  I like to give it the day off when I can.


NO BOOTS!!!!  Yep, it's finally warm enough for open-toe shoes.  Well, not today.  Today it's only 61 degrees outside, because MN is trying to KILL US ALL.

Also?  I love these pants.  Look how wide-legged they are:

Wide and flappy!  They make me so happy.
Plaid shirt, hand-me-down from my StepMom - it's from Bebe
Black wide-legged pants, Old Navy via my buddy, Ashley
Black wedge peep-toes, Michael by Michael Kors via Saver's for a mere $6!

Bee Tee Dubs, this is what I wore to the Royal Wedding:

Recognize that hat?  It lends itself to so many situations.  And the earrings match the design on Kate's ring.  Yeah, I'm a dork.  Let's look at my cute niece and her hat:

She was enthralled by all the hats and fascinators on the TV...

And finally, one last shot from the Guthrie Dance Party.  It's Harry Potter, Jareth from Labyrinth, and yours truly:

They may have the power of magic, but I have the power of RAWK!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Why I've Been Blowing This Blog Off

So.  A couple weeks ago, my costuming buddies announced that they were going to attend the Guthrie Theater's Dance Party on May 21st, and did I want to go?  (Actually, it was more like, "Whadya mean you aren't going????  YES YOU ARE."  They are a pushy lot.)

Once I check my schedule and realized I had absolutely nothing going on that weekend, I agreed to attend.  Tickets were cheap, I had a designated driver, and who am I to turn down a dance party?  There was just one slight problem - I had nothing suitable to wear.

That's where my bestie, Laura, and 4.5 yards of purple black-shot taffeta came in.  Laura decided she could whip out a French pet en l'air in 2 weeks for me.  I'd be in charge of the pocket hoops (which were EVIL) and the underskirt.  Here is the result:

Me and the Guthrie Parking Ramp.

I love the pet en l'air - the color is to die for, and the fit is fabulous.  Plus, Laura gave a piece of smocked fabric she had made (!) for the stomacher.  It matched perfectly and was sooooo decorative and fancy-pants.

I also love that little tricorn.  Laura found it at Forever 21 (in a non-tricorn shape), and I bent it into position, then trimmed it out.  It works great with my poufty platinum wig from eBay.

However, I am less than thrilled with the underskirt I made.  The top fabric of the costume is light and drapey, but the under fabric is way too heavy.  It should pouf out more over my pocket hoops, and the volume should match the volume of the pet en l'air.  Note to self - heavy fabric over light fabric when making a jacket-y type thingee.

I also want to make a box pleated trim for the bottom.  And then trim the bottom of the pet en l'air with more of the black ribbon trim.  Then I think the lines will match up better and give the overall costume a better look.

Laura and I and ALL OUR HAIR.

Therefore, before I wear this ensemble again, I need to find a similar taffeta as the purple in either all black or a tone-on-tone pattern.  I need to cut out and sew a new underskirt (takes less than an hour).  I need to find more of that black trim for the pet en l'air.  I need to spend OH GAH 3+ HOURS sewing it on the bottom of the jacket.

And then I need to learn how to make box-pleated trim.  Sigh.

One last shot of all of us and all our sparkly GLORY:

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I was going to write a post about how busy I've been lately, but I don't have the time.  Maybe later...

In the meantime, clothes!  Worn by me!  Here you go:

Uh-oh.  Something's missing...

Yep, no shoes.  Why?  Because they were so booooooooring, and added nothing to the fashion of the overall outfit.  So I didn't bother to put them back out for photos.

I don't love this shirt on me, but apparently other people do.  I was told 3+ times what a great color it is on me.  Thank you!  I like a nice compliment... or 20...

Blue-green (it has a lot of green in it, you just can't tell from the photos) top, Express from 2 years ago
Black tank top, the Limited
Blue and grey striped pants, Express (I think these may all have been from the same shopping spree...)
Stone and beaded necklace, made for me by a friend

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Teen Angst Bulls@#t Now Has A Body Count

Quick, name that movie!  I'll give you a hint, it's from the 80's and it. is. EPIC.  In fact, my buds and I may be dressing like the characters from said movie at a Con Coming Soon To A Town Near You (and by soon, I mean Costume Con 2012, and by town, I mean Tempe, AZ.).

Anywho, speaking of the 80's, (1988 to be exact, when both Heathers and the film I'm about to rave about came out) I'd like to give a shout-out to an unsung horror classic from that era, and personal fave of mine.  That film is...wait for it... Pumpkinhead.

Yes, I said Pumpkinhead.  What of it?

Well, what of it?  Why do I like it?  First of all, it is a perfect, over-the-top, Deep Southern Gothic - what with the witch's house and the swamp and the rednecks and the accents.  Deep, deep southern juju makes anything 1000% scarier to me.  Because this Yankee has been to the Deep South.  And it can be a wee bit frightening, let me tell you.

Also, it stars B-Movie Great, Lance Hendrickson.  I *big squishy red heart* LOVE this guy.  I will, and have, seen any movie or TV show he's been on.  Aliens?  Check.  Alien 3 (aka the worst Aliens EVER)?  Check.  Pumpkinhead 4, Blood Feud?  CheckMATE, my friends.  I even watched Millennium, and that s@#t was painful, peeps.

And finally, Pumpkinhead is just GOOD.  The whole vengence angle, the kids trying to do the right thing but messing it up angle, the "Oh GAH, we can't even cower in a church somewhere" angle, it all works.  And the monster design?  Tres scary, especially at the end when its face starts to morph into... well.  I don't want to give it away.

Instead, I'll say this:  Add Pumpkinhead to your Netflicks queue.  I think you'll like it.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oh HI!

Yeah.  Whoops.  Sorry about being the totally lame, non-posting, pseudo fashion blogger.  But hey!  I'll make it up to you with cool new boots:

Aren't they AWESOME?  Best of all, they set me back a mere $5.  LOVE.  What I don't love in this photo is my hair:

This was taken before my haircut and color last week.  Thus the roots and unruly bangs.  But look!  The boots are still AWESOME.

Bad Hair Day:
Grey boyfriend cardigan, Target via Saver's Thrift Store
Red tank, Limited
Black leggings, Express
Grey plaid rain boots, Target via my buddy, Ashley (thanks Ash!)
Red necklace, Clothes Mentor in Edina

Let's take a closer look at that necklace, shall we:

It's so big and statement-y, which I love as it instantly takes an outfit to eleven.  Plus, I can use it for Ren Fest costuming this fall.  Gotta love the multi-purpose!