Monday, April 25, 2011

Super Fast Catch Up

Hi!  Here's what I wore on Thursday of last week!

Trying to utilize my surroundings in the pose...

See?  Using my background!  New poses!  Yay me!

And no boots!  Shoes!  Aren't you proud?

Okay, here's a proper, well-behaved pose that shows off the outfit.  And the outfit is:

Black floral top, Anthro (a gift from my StepMom and Dad)
Black tank, Target from a zillion years ago
My "grown-up" jeans, Tahari from Marshall's
Black heeled shoes, Aerosoles
Necklace, Lia Sophia (Rip. Off. Sorry.)
Earrings, Target

Okay, bye!  Gotta dash...


  1. You have such lovely shelves. I notice these things.
    Great jeans!

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  2. Hooray for shoes! Great jeans. Is that a TY Piggie on your shelves? (I had a TY dragon beanie buddy. I need to see if my grandparents still have my stored kid's stuff.. well really teenage years stuff)