Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm Blue

Today's outfit was inspired by my need to wear something akin to jammies.  Why?  Because I'm sick.  AGAIN.  GAH.  WHATISWRONGWITHME????!!!!!?????

Anyway, moving on.  To the outfit!

To the jammies!
Blue and black patterned tunic/dress, Macy's clearance rack this winter
Leggings, JC Penneys
Black knee high boots, my Grandma Mac
Black and silver draped earrings, Target for just $8!

Apropos of nothing, I used to collect gargoyles back in the (gothy) day.  I amassed a few, and most live on my ginormo bookcase.  See?

This little stoney is from some wee reclaimed architecture store in Boston.  Aren't they cute?

Awwwwww, so sweet!  So plaster-y!  I still keep my eyes open for cute new gargoyles, but I don't see them around as much.

BTW - I'm wearing this dress as a tunic over leggings NOW.  But this summer?  I will so wear this with bare legs and strappy sandals.  It's juuuuuuuust on this side of decent.  One inch shorter, and I'd be in panty-flashing territory, and NO ONE WANTS THAT.


  1. 1) I am sorry you're sick! 2) You used the word "apropos" which is like, one of my favorite words ever. Love the tunic!

  2. Awww sorry to hear you're sick! Feel better soon. How cute with the little gargoyles! We used to have dragons all over the place. Even had a dragon Beanie Buddy. I have no space to store my books or else I'd have dragon/unicorn/etc figures on my bookshelves.

    The dress is really cute, I love the neckline. It is a bit on the shorter side, but it seems within the realm of decent imo. You could always layer a little thin skirt to add length.

  3. The pattern on that dress is so cool! It's like adult, chic tie dye! I don't think I've ever known of anyone who collected gargoyles - they're perfect on the bookcase!

  4. I collect gargoyles! I have two that are hand-cast (one of them is giant, like 20 lbs).