Thursday, April 7, 2011

Boy Repellent

While yesterday's pants are boy-approved, today's dress is very anti-boy.  Every guy I've ever dated, worked with, talked to, passed on the street hates this dress.  Perhaps it is scary?

RAWR!  Dress is coming to get you!  Then again, maybe not.  I don't know, I kind of like it:

It's cute!  It's swirly!  It has a fun print!  It's also high-necked and over-the-knee, so no skin flashing for the boys.  Sorry boys.  I like it.

Furthermore, this outfit is classroom-approved.  Comfy enough footwear, no cleavage, business appropriate.  Perfect!  Although it may piss off the boys in my class...
Brown fitted blazer, purchased FOURTEEN YEARS AGO can you stand it?  It's from Dayton's, it's a Dana Buchman, and I got it on huge clearance.  Sadly, I don't wear it very often.  Which is why it's lasted 14 years.
Dress, bought on sale at Dayton's, too.  But not as long ago.  My dress theory?  When you find a dress on sale that fits you perfectly - buy it.  Trust me, you'll find a reason to wear it.
Brown boots, JC Penneys
Gold hoops, Target

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go terrorize some boys...


  1. Uhmmmm... the dress is great... with the blazer closed. :(
    Sorry to say it. I'm just being honest.


    (I feel bad now.)

    (But I won't lie.)

  2. It's okay, Sal! Many people dislike this dress. And yet! Other people love it.

  3. I kind of like it. With out the blazer entirely. It looks wonderfully comfortable and breezy for summer. I'm just not a fan of the blazer, but I'm sure it's needed for work appropriateness. I love the color palette of the dress.

    Also I believe this is what one might call a "Man Repeller" dress.

  4. I like it. As I am fond of saying - I don't dress for MEN, I dress for myself. I work with 60+ men in my department (4 women) so I am way used to weird wacky comments about my wardrobe!

  5. Well, I like it! Pffft to the boys.