Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rather Dull

Today's outfit filled a very specific need.  It had to:
a.  Be comforable and non-constricting, all the way down to my shoes,
b.  Look professional, as I was teaching real estate class today,
c.  Be in NO WAY offensive to my students - seriously, they can be a bit judgemental, yo.

The resulting ensemble, however, is less than inspiring:

YAWN.  So boring...

For real and for true, this is putting me to sleep.  Oh well, work it anyway:

The oh-so inoffensive outfit:
Blue velvet blazer, hand-me-down from my StepMom
White cami, New York & Co.
Black pants, Fashion Bug
Black dance shoes, Nike from an outlet store
Black beaded necklace, antique store in Wisconsin

The best thing about today's look are the pants.  My boy loves these pants, because of the pockets on my rear.  He likes the view:

How YOU doin'?


  1. Hahaha! You crack me up. I think a red striped tee would look amazing with that jacket and trousers - or even a red necklace to pump some color in.

  2. I love pocket flaps on the rear - it's super flattering I think! And I'd be terrified to get up and teach in front of easily offended people ready to judge what I'm wearing. Eeeeks! I'd be paralyzed.