Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Baby Steps

Today's outfit represents the babiest of baby steps.  Let's start with the outerwear, necessitated by the SNOWOHMYGAH we had this morning:

My epic, Sherlock Holmes-esque coat of awesomeness.  From the faux Target, aka the Salvation Army in downtown Mpls.

Now for the baby stepping (please excuse my asinine expression):

See it?  It's RIGHT THERE...the pink tank top!  Yeah, I know, who cares?  Well, I do - normally I wear a black tank with this outfit, but today I busted out the pale pink one for a wee bit of contrast at the top.  Ta-da!  Viva la difference!  Or something.

Moving on - what is that I spy to my side on the Biggest Bookshelf In The World?  Could it be another one of my random collections?

It is.  It's my snowglobes-from-other-peoples'-vacations collection I mentioned last week.  And below it is my crazy-old collection of VHS tapes.  Remember those?

Wee Steps Toward Fashion:
Tunic top, Forever 21 via my buddy, Ashley
Pink tank, New York & Co.
Black leggings, Express
Black boots, Isaac Mizrahi for Target
Black beaded necklace, antique store in northern WI.  Originally, it's from Germany.


  1. Soooo much love for the jacket/coat. Hooray for mixing it up with pink! I miss VHS tapes... and when electronics could be fixed by hitting them or blowing in the slots (See: old gaming systems).

    I feel old now.

  2. Oh my gosh! That jacket is soooooo cool! I totally still have some VHS tapes because I still have my little TV/VCR combo from college in my bedroom and some days, when I'm home sick, I just neeeed to watch 16 Candles.

  3. Wow, awesome coat! Go, Sherlock! :)

    Like the outfit - and love the pink tank top (I just love pink & black in the same outfit). :)

    Have a great weekend!