Friday, April 8, 2011

Try, Try, Again

My last two days' worth of teaching-appropriate outfits have been met with mixed results.  And thus?  I am trying again:

The 411:
Black blazer, Target clearance rack 4 years ago.
Pale turquoise draped top with long sleeves, gift from my parents
Grey striped pants, Express
Black sport shoes, Nike outlet store
Hammered silver hoops, gift

This looks plain black, top and bottom, but it's not.  The jacket has silver sparkly threads running through it and pant are actually charcoal with a white pinstripe.

Speaking of the jacket, it's an oldie but goodie by Isaac Mizrahi for Target.  The front is nice, but the back kicks ass:

I love the slits in the sleeves and the huge kick pleat.  Very structural and fashion-y, yes?

My shoes are dance shoes from Nike.  They are hugely comfortable, and plain enough to work for... well... work:

So what are you wearing today?

1 comment:

  1. That jacket is fantastic and amazing. It's like someone created origami out of fabric. A+ for subtle special details.

    Today I wore an outfit that I've been dying to wear. Super Stripey and thrifted designer label ftw.