Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm It

Megan Mae tagged me to give up 7 Random Things About Myself.  Fortunately, I'm a pretty random person, so no problem!  And thank you, Megan, for thinking of me.

1. I collect snow globes from other people's vacations.  I have amassed a large collection that lives (where else?) on my big-ass bookshelf.  Whenever my friends and family go away, they bring me back a little piece of the action - either in glass or plastic.  What can I say?  It makes me feel loved.

2. I love horror movies, but I hate torture porn (be looking for a future post on this topic).  Saw, Hostel and their ilk make me sick, not scared.  They keep raising the bar on depravity - and gross disgusting-ness is not horror.  Horror movies are flicks like Scream 4, which I am sooooooo seeing in the theater.

3. Not only am I afraid of the dark, I fear:  sharks, bears, lions - anything that can knock me off the top of the food chain; bees, wasps, or anything that stings; being impaled; having my eyes gouged out; heights; enclosed places; and clowns.

4. When I'm having a really AWFUL day and I need to feel comforted, I'll wander the aisles at my local Target.  Its sameness, orderliness, and inexpensive goods just makes me feel better.

5. The only (common) food I won't eat is green beans.  Bleah.  Even the smell of the growing in the garden makes me ill.

6. For me, the scariest episode of The X-Files wasn't the one with the backwoods, inbred killer family (Home).  It was the one about the preying mantis thing that "hid in the light" and turned people into zombies (Folie a Deux).  Gah!  So creepy...

7. I watched all sorts of hippy-esque PBS shows for children back in the 70's.  Sesame Street, of course, Electric Company, 3-2-1 Contact, Captain Kangaroo, Mister Roger's Neighborhood, and my FAVE, Vegetable Soup.  It was an upstate New York production, and I'm fairly certain everyone involved in making the show was stoned out of their minds.


  1. #4 - Yes, I think that's why I like browsing Kroger or Walmart for no reason. It's consistency is comforting.
    #5 - really? green beans tend to be the only veg I can get Hubs to eat!
    #6 - I need to go re-watch X-files. So many things I miss from growing up.

    Oh! Maybe let us know how Scream 4 is? Scream 2 is the only horror movie I remember ever truly scaring me.

  2. Hey Erin --
    I'm an Erin, too :P I couldn't agree more with No. 4...there's just something about being at Target that's completely calming.

  3. Actually, I thought the one with the guy who would kill people to eat their cancer (or something like that) was the creepiest/