Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Not Britney

Today, Jason (co-host of the Buzz) said I looked very Britney Spears.  And thus?  He started singing "Hit Me Baby, One More Time."  Sigh.  What do you think?

I guess it's the sweater vest.  At least he didn't tell me I looked like Mr. Shue from Glee:

Huh.  I guess I don't get a Britney vibe from this:
Purple v-neck, Express
Sweater vest, consigned from Clothes Mentor in Edina
Black pencil skirt, NEW!  From Target, Mossimo and only $19.99
Black boots, Circa Joan and David from Macy's
Black sequin hoops, JC Penneys

Here.  Fine.  I'll Spears it up a bit.  Oops!  I did it again:

And of course - hit me baby.  One more time:


  1. Next time wear a green skirt or green tights and be the Joker. Then you can stare at Jason and say "Y SO SRS".

    I definitely don't get a Britney vibe, I think you look really cute. The sweater vest is adorable.

  2. I don't get Britney at all from you. I love that vest, though! Your curves are killer in it!