Sunday, April 3, 2011

Quik Pix

Do you hate it when businesses misspell names?  Like Kwik Trip?  And Toys R Us?  Yeah, me too.

This is my attempt at an artsy-farsty outfit.  Black underpinnings!  Funky over-dress!  Long necklace!  All I need is some beat poetry and a beret.  Except I look bad in most hats.

Bee Tee Dubs, I love this dress.  It's soft and comfy and sports a crazy pattern.  See?

Crazy-ass plaid.  What's not to love?
Black turtleneck, thrifted this week from Savers
Plaid dress, thrifted 4 months ago from the same Savers
Black leggings, JC Penneys
Black boots, Circa Joan & David from Macy's
Silver tassel necklace, garage sale

1 comment:

  1. You look totally cute! I can so see you in this outfit with a little red beret tipped back on your head!