Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oh HI!

Yeah.  Whoops.  Sorry about being the totally lame, non-posting, pseudo fashion blogger.  But hey!  I'll make it up to you with cool new boots:

Aren't they AWESOME?  Best of all, they set me back a mere $5.  LOVE.  What I don't love in this photo is my hair:

This was taken before my haircut and color last week.  Thus the roots and unruly bangs.  But look!  The boots are still AWESOME.

Bad Hair Day:
Grey boyfriend cardigan, Target via Saver's Thrift Store
Red tank, Limited
Black leggings, Express
Grey plaid rain boots, Target via my buddy, Ashley (thanks Ash!)
Red necklace, Clothes Mentor in Edina

Let's take a closer look at that necklace, shall we:

It's so big and statement-y, which I love as it instantly takes an outfit to eleven.  Plus, I can use it for Ren Fest costuming this fall.  Gotta love the multi-purpose!


  1. Great boots - I love that they are patterned but not obnoxious! And that necklace is really pretty!

  2. The boots are fab. They look like they've got a pretty good heel. I was just thinking about how well that necklace would work with a big over the top costumed dress. (I thought Tudor-y, like Catherine of Aragon)