Friday, April 22, 2011

Inspired By Audi

The whole reason why I started this side project blog (my full-time blog is over here), is because I was inspired by the gorgeous and fabulous fashion bloggers I've found on the Internet.  From coast to coast, these ladies make me excited to get dressed every day.

Today's love-in is for Audi at Fashion For Nerds.  She went out and bought herself an EPIC Marie Antoinette wig, JUST BECAUSE.  And that, my friends, is today's lesson.  Sometimes, you just have to treat yourself with a little something-something, just because you want it.  Not all the time, lest ye go broke.  But every once in awhile, you deserve a treat.

I have a big (although not as big as Audi's) wig, too.  I bought it to wear for 18th Century costuming, based on a recommendation from my buddy, Lis:

Dress and hat by my bestie, Laura.  I also helped with it, but she did the lion's share of the work.

Wanna see a close-up of the wig?  SURE YOU DO:

That's my My Space face.  Sorry.

Do you guys own a wig or two?  I own a couple, all for various and sundry costuming uses.  Here's the one I wore last year, to be a "twin" with my bestie, Cindy:

And yes, people actually thought we were sisters.  All because of the wigs!  Well, and because we're the same height and weight...

Viva la wigs!  I hope Audi has as much fun with hers as I do with mine.


  1. Haha -- yay for outrageous wigs! You're totally right about decking it out, too. In fact, just last night my bestie and I were discussing the possibility of creating an outrageous San-Jose-Sharks-playoff outfit with the new wig, featuring shark fins sticking out and perhaps seagulls wheeling above. I might need to stick a replica of Alcatraz island in there just for kicks. The possibilities are truly endless!

  2. Omg those are incredible costumes. I swear, I will visit up North one of these days and make you show me some of these events! They look like so much fun.

    I used to have a couple of wigs for costuming, they've sadly gotten snarled or lost in my past few moves. I had to donate a huge chunk of my costume wardrobe because of storage issues.

  3. Yay for epic wigs!