Thursday, March 31, 2011

Never Sleep Again

Dudes.  I iz sooooo sleepy.  And I'm beginning to feel like I may never have a good night's sleep again.  EVER.  Furthermore, I don't even have our favorite 5-knived-claw friend to blame.  I just haven't had enough time for sleep.  And that, my peeps, SUCKS.

You know what doesn't suck, though?  Today's outfit.  It, I believe, is Made Of Win:

Behold how bright it is!

So.  Freakin'.  BRIGHT!

With a big-ass,crazy-ass pattern, to boot!

However, it was so cold in work space, I had to rock my outfit thus:

Brrrr!  Here is what is up with my wardrobe:
Dress, Dillard's dress department in Omaha, NE.  (My greatest sadness is that we don't have Dillards in MN.  SOB!!!)
Jean jacket, Goodwill garage sale (sadly, they've canceled this awesome event)
Tights, Marshall's
Boots, Hand-me-down from my beloved Grandma Mac
Gold hoops, Target


  1. Very bright! But in the best possible way. A little color helps to brighten up the day. Not to mention the print is fab.

    I just realized I'm rhyming - I think that means time for bed. Haha!

  2. My Weight Watchers leader has this same dress in turquoise with lime accents, but I love it in red! Fabulous with the boots and jean jacket too!