Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Should Just Get Over Myself

I started this blog to post what I wear on a daily basis.  And yet?  I often think what I'm wearing is dull, or not fashion-y enough.

However, the whole POINT of the blog is to have an honest accounting of what I wear, and where I buy what I wear.  So I have decided to Get The Hell Over My Own Damn Self and just post my damn clothes, already.  I hope you'll stick around for the ride.

So!  Here is my last outfit I photographed.  It's from a week ago, when the weather in MN was cool enough to allow for sweaters.  Today?  It's 89 degrees outside.  Not so much sweater weather, no?

As you can see, it was warm enough last week for open-toe footwear.  Hell, today it's warm enough for a SWIM SUIT.  Which, as you know, is not work-appropriate.  But this sweater is!

I bought this ruffled shrug this July, stuck it in my closet, and then COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT IT.  So much for being frugal...

However, it's on my radar, and I can't wait to style it up all winter long.  Mmmmm... ruffles...

Wanna know what I was doing last Wednesday whilst I wore this outfit?  Sure you do!

I was contemplating one last costume to sew for the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.  I didn't NEED a new costume, but I was so close to being finished!  So I pushed through, and finished is up (picture below).

The Must-Sew-All-The-Things Outfit:
Black and white turtleneck, Express clearance rack from Fall 2010.
Black ruffled shrug, Forever 21 ($15!) but I don't think it's available anymore.  Damn their fast turnover!
Bootcut jeans, Marshalls (they are Tahari - aka my "grown-up" jeans)
Black wedges, Savers - Marc by Marc Jacob!

And here is what I made:

That's me and my "ex-pirate-husband," Obediah Jib (his real name is Dave).  My Fest character is Lilith MacDonald Jib - fallen Scottish noblewoman and ex-wife of a pirate.  I have two pirate daughters - twins - Ophelia and Opaline.  Yup, we have a good, silly-fun time!

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  1. I think you look quite cute. That's an adorable bolero. Sometimes it just takes making yourself take it one day at a time. Once you do, you wonder how you ever didn't blog.

    Sounds like you're very involved with your costuming. It sounds like so much fun. I miss it.