Friday, October 14, 2011

The Texas Chainsaw Dresses

Dudes.  DUDES.  I keep buying under-$15 dresses!  It's as if there was a 300 lbs Texan maniac forcing me to shop.  "Buy this dress, or I'll cut off your face and wear it as a mask!"  That's a good reason to hit the stores, yes?  Sure!

Granted, the only real reason I keep buying dresses is because I keep finding them.  In fact, no former meat-packing-plant butcher with mommy issues is holding a chainsaw to my head.  Sigh.  I just need to avoid stores, sales, the Internet and fashion magazines.  They are all a bunch of enablers.

However!  In the mean time!  Here are two more dresses I bought:

OHBEGAH, you guys.  I love this dress SO HARD.  It is comfy, it is flattering, and it goes with everything in my shoe/accessory/jewelry stash.  LOVE IT LIKE I WANNA MARRY IT.

New Dress #1:
Grey/black/dark purple vaguely animal print-esque dress, Savers in Bloomingto for $12.99
Silver lariat and ball necklace, stole it from my buddy Laura whilst house-sitting (um... hi Laura!)
Silver hoops, white gold earrings from my Mom (didn't steal these, tho)
Black boots with silver trimmings, Circa Joan & David from Macy's (?) from 2003 bought on sale

And then, while I was trying on something completely different, I saw this dress on sale at Old Navy for 75% off.  That's practically FREE:

My very first maxi dress!  I love this thing - it's like wearing pretty and presentable pyjamas (now say that 10 times fast).  It is so soft and comfy.  And brightly colored!  Best of all, it has full coverage on top, so I can wear a bra with it.

And because it has a high waist, I can eat whatever the hell I want, and NO ONE would be the wiser!  It's even long enough to come down to my ankles.  And I'm tall!

above: the shoes underneath my very long, very new, very cute dress.

New Dress #2:
Black cropped cardigan with 3/4 sleeves, Marshall's
Black/pink/green/yellow/white floral print maxi dress, Old Navy (new stock) for $11.23
Black Aeresole sandals, ARC Value Village brand new

And now?  I need to run screaming into the night.  NO MORE DRESS SHOPPING!!!!!

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  1. You may need to hide that first dress, because otherwise - I'm going to hide in your closet and steal it. Was that creepy? XD Lol! No seriously, it's awesome. I usually couldn't imagine wearing a leopard print, but that's such a great graphic print.

    I love the wide strap on the maxi. I think that might have swayed me.. but maxis are always so long! But don't you hate when you find a really cute dress, but the straps are so skimpy there's no way you can wear a regular bra without it showing?

    I need to stay off ebay. I keep having shoes show up at my door. It's too easy to make weird decisions at 4 am.