Friday, October 21, 2011

Meant To Be

You know what I hate?  I hate it when people say something was meant to be.*  No, no, NO.  If you want something to happen, make it happen.  Don't just rest on your laurels and hope good things come to you.

That being said, I do believe this top was meant to live in my closet.  I tried it on last week at ARC Value Village, and then put it back on the rack without buying.  Then?  I thought about it for DAYS.  So when I returned to ARC and saw it hanging just where I left it... a week later... I know we belonged together forever.  Awwwww, it's like twue wuv:

My favorite part are the sleeves.  I like a tucked-up sleeve - I'm lazy, and the sleeve is rolling itself up so I don't have to:

The only downer?  It's now too cold in MN to wear a sheer 3/4 sleeve shirt without layering something over the top.  So this is what I actually looked like all day:

The Outfit Of Destiny:
Dark-rinse jean jacket, Goodwill's last massive garage sale (God, I miss those sales)
Sheer plaid tunic top, New York and Co. by way of ARC Value Village
Black leggings, Old Navy on sale for $5!
Grey OTK socks, Target for just $5!
Black leather faux Frye boots, Target from my SIL for Christmas 2010

*I was a Realtor for years, and it drove me nuts when my clients would say, "If we don't get an offer/If our offer isn't accepted, then it wasn't meant to be."  NO, you dip-shits.  That's when we NEGOTIATE.  GAH!  Your damn house ain't going to sell itself!  Your damn house ain't going to buy itself!  Quit being so damn passive-aggressive and work with me, people!
And that is why I am no longer a Realtor.  The End.

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  1. A house is definitely not something I'd leave up to chance. That pair of boots I don't need on ebay or dress at the thrift store that I would pay half price, but not full? Yeah, that can be left up to chance.

    I love your new thrifted top, and hooray for harness boots.