Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Most Interestingly Boring Outfit I Could Muster On A Monday

How's THAT for a mouthful of a title?!?!  However, it perfectly describes what I wore yesterday when I taught real estate class.  My class seemed to like me, and they all paid very close attention, so I guess this look didn't totally suck.  Yay!

Ahhh.  From this photo you can see how triangularly-shaped I truly am.  Yup, I'm a pear.  And now that I'm almost FORTY FREAKIN' YEARS OLD, I've gotten (mostly) over it.  The way I see it, all that extra fat in my hips and booty will keep me alive during a famine.  Not that the time for famine is nigh, but it's nice to be prepared.

Here I am, being all stern and teacher-like (Yeah, right.  I never look like this in class...):

Mildly Interesting Teacher Outfit
Purple draped front T, Express on sale buy-one get-one 50% off
Pale purple/pink/grey vest, The Gap by way of Savers for just $8
Charcoal grey pinstripe pants, Express on sale buy-one get- one 50% off
Black dance shoes, Nike from their outlet store


  1. Haah, well if it makes you feel better, it's healthier biologically if women carry their weight in their bum/hips VS their stomach.

    I love your vest! It seems they're creeping back out of the woodwork again around the blog-o-sphere. I, for one, am happy to see them~

  2. Holy crap...you ARE NOT almost 40. NO WAY. I thought you were mid-20s.

    Vest is very cute!

  3. I always think of vests as a masculine piece, but the color of yours is so feminine and pretty! Eh, it's the whole "grass is always greener" thing - I tend to carry all my weight on top and I'm annoyed by it (but like you said, acceptance is all I can do!)

  4. Pshaw, almost 40! Try 44!

    You look awesome for almost 40. It's not fair! *runs away sobbing*