Monday, October 17, 2011

Who Opened The Fridge?

Apparently, Fall has fallen.  Hard.  On my HEAD.  In other words, baby?  It's cold outside.  Too cold for what I wore last Thursday on air:

Oh sure - I look all smiley and happy.  But on the inside, I felt like this:

Also?  If I'm going to try and rock bare legs, I best bust out the tanning lotion.  Those are some pale stems there, yes?  Yes.

However, I bought that sweater with the intention of wearing it over that dress.  And I will do it again... as long as I bust out a pair of leggings to wear underneath.

The Too Cool For School... and MN Outfit:
Red flyaway cardigan, Mossimo for Target
Black sleeveless mini dress, The Gap for just FOUR DOLLARS.
Black leather boots, Circa Joan & David from Macy's

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  1. The red cardigan is where it's at lately. I swear I'm seeing them across the blog-o-sphere and in real life. I need one!