Thursday, September 29, 2011

Once More With The Excuses

Dudes.  DUDES.  DUDES, I KNOW.  I am a bad, bad, bad daily style blogger.  Sheesh, I can't even do once a week.  However, let me explain (No, that will take to long.  Let me sum up.) my absence with the following photo blast...

My Posse and I went to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival in costume.  As we are wont to do.  However, we didn't go in just any costumes, oh no.  We went in the FANCIEST, BLINGY-EST, MOST ELABORATE COSTUMES IN THE FREAKING WORLD.  Because that is how we roll.

Here is mine.  Warning: it is horribly period inappropriate.  So if that sort of thing bothers you, move on.

It is a fitted comfort gown.  Which is a complete oxymoron, but I do not care.  It's so pretty!  And it makes me look like I weigh 10 lbs!  Unlike historically accurate comfort gowns, which tend to make one look like a house.

I also had a walking cane - or my Tzarina Pimp Stick.  Take a gander - I'm sure you can guess what it really is:

C'mon, you know what it is, right?  Sure you do:

It's part of a curtain rod.  Since it was damaged and missing the other finial, I got it for a mere $3.50.  Here are the deets on the rest of my "garb."

Fur hat - Ragstock, $11.99
Tiara on hat - Party City, then painted and blinged out with glued-on jewels from my stash of such things.
Red overdress with puffed sleeves - Dress pattern by Laura Ulak, sleeve pattern by Margo Anderson, made from red/black shot polyester taffeta from Hobby Lobby and trimmed with black velvet, black frogs and black braid.  BTW?  Sewing on braid?  SUCKS SO BAD.  And hand-sewing on frogs?  SUCKS EVEN WORSE.
Black fur-trimmed sleeves - Pattern by me, and they are removable.  Made from black Asian brocade from JoAnn Fabric and black fur pillow cases, also from JoAnn's.
Black fur collar - Pattern by me, also from the pillowcase.
Black corset cover (you can barely see it) - Pattern by me, Asian brocade
Black underskirt - Pattern by me, Asian brocade.
Jewelry - various thrift/consignment stores.

Here's a close-up of the top:

(Yeah, I know.  I had a random piece of hair sticking out through the entire first photo shoot, and NO ONE TOLD ME.)

Even though this was a bitch-kitty to trim (Laura did all the major sewing), and even though it was amazingly dusty at MNRF, I LOVED wearing this.  When you dress like (Russian) royalty, people treat you like royalty.

Confession - this was supposed to be made out of red Asian brocade fabric, to match my royal character: Imelda, Marquessa de los Zappatos.  But the brocade was an epic failure of epic proportions, so viva la Russia!  Plus it was chilly, and I wanted to wear my fur hat.

And since she made herself one stunning-ass costume, here is my seamstress buddy, Laura:

So much bling and trim and what-have-you went into that costume.  She also modified or made a bunch of other costumes people are wearing.  And as her trusty side-kick, I helped.  Thus the busy, no-posting as of late.

However!  Tomorrow, we resume our regular, non-costume posting.

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  1. Ohmygoodness! Such fun costumes. How cares about accurate - you guys look fab. I think if you felt amazing in it, that's the best part. I really hope it was cool where you were - looking at the costumes, they're lush, but look very hot in the weather I've been in.