Thursday, October 27, 2011

In Honor Of The Greatest Holiday EVER

That would be Halloween, of course.  When else are you given license to dress kinda slutty and eat one metric shitton of candy?  Unless that's a normal Saturday night for you, in which case?  NO JUDGMENT.

I no longer dress kinda slutty (I'm nearly 40, peeps), but I still indulge in sweets.  I also indulge during the season in a slightly more terrifying manner - Scary Movie Marathons!

Here's what is on my viewing list for Halloween 2011:

The Thing (1982 version).  According to a vehement discussion with my father, The Thing with Kurt Russell is NOT the original.  The one with James Arness is, and my father would like you all to know that it is SO MUCH BETTER.  Whatever.  I consider the apparent remake to be one of the freakiest movies in the history of ever.  The commercial scared the crap out of me as a kid - so imagine what the whole movie does to me.

Halloween, the first.  Rob Zombie, I love you.  You're handsome, I love your music, and you seem like a cool person to hang with.  However?  PLEASE STOP MAKING MOVIES.  BECAUSE THEY ALL SUCK SO HARD.  Avoid the Halloween remake like the plague, and plug in the original, aka The Best.

April Fool's Day.  Dudes, have you seen this flick?  It is an 80's classic, and the gateway drug for horror movie lovers like myself.  It's scary, it's not too gory, the actors are adorable and believable, and the ending is AWESOME.  I love this movie so much that I try to watch it at least once a year.  Someone should really buy it for me on DVD for Christmas... hint!

And so Halloween isn't a total 80's Fest, Paranormal Activity 2.  I saw the first PA and it scared the ever-lovin' CRAP out of me.  One of my big childhood fears is being drug out of bed by the ankle by some unseen (or worse, SEEN) force.  Gah, so scary!!!  I'm hoping PA2 is almost as scary.  It's got babies and puppies in it, which is a recipe for freaktastic.

What are your big plans for All Hallow's Eve?


  1. Any suggestions for not-scary scary movies? Like ones that make you think, but not so gory @_@ I'm such a baby.

    Oh! If you can find it, I recently watched The Irrefutable Truth About Demons. It was a beast to find, but it has Karl Urban in it (<3!) So I made the effort. It was really cheesy in some points but actually quite freaky in some places. Plus New Zealand accents ftw.

  2. We do a Hallowe'en movie marathon every year and invite a bunch of friends over! This year we are looking to rent the new Fright Night, and will probably watch Near Dark (awesome movie, same year as the Lost Boys but way better) and the original Night of the Living Dead ("they're coming for you, Barbara!").

    I'm not dressing up for Hallowe'en this year :( due to being stuck in a meeting all day with upper management. However, I'll be in black and orange vintage!