Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I was going to write a post about how busy I've been lately, but I don't have the time.  Maybe later...

In the meantime, clothes!  Worn by me!  Here you go:

Uh-oh.  Something's missing...

Yep, no shoes.  Why?  Because they were so booooooooring, and added nothing to the fashion of the overall outfit.  So I didn't bother to put them back out for photos.

I don't love this shirt on me, but apparently other people do.  I was told 3+ times what a great color it is on me.  Thank you!  I like a nice compliment... or 20...

Blue-green (it has a lot of green in it, you just can't tell from the photos) top, Express from 2 years ago
Black tank top, the Limited
Blue and grey striped pants, Express (I think these may all have been from the same shopping spree...)
Stone and beaded necklace, made for me by a friend


  1. That color IS great on you. It's nice to see you in such bright colors.

  2. I second that - you look great in colour, Erin!