Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lookie, Lookie, I'm Dressed

Today's outfit did NOT photograph very well.  But it looked good on the Fox 9 couch this morning, and I liked it just find:

Yeah.  I'm not missing a button, it just came unbuttoned.  And I didn't notice until I had taken the pictures.  And I'm too lazy to retake them.  And now you know what a slacker/clueless individual I am.

But I still love this outfit.

It's cheery and comfy and let's be honest.  My boobies look AWESOME.  Except for that damned unbutton button...

Also?  Notice the shoes.  The Stuart Weiztmans I found at Optiz for a mere $26 (orginally $260, woot!).  I love them too:

Here's what is what:
Peach ruched T-shirt, Target (right now!  just $10!)
Plaid fitted vest, NY & Co. on clearance
Skinny jeans, Calvin Klein
Nude pumps, Opitz Outlet in St. Louis Park


  1. I'm trying to figure out what didn't photograph well because I think you look great! Love the vest and the nude colored shoes. It's like you took one of my favorite fall-like outfits and changed up the colors to make it perfectly springy.

  2. Opitz is amazing, I try to stay away as I can't say no to such good deals, even when I don't need them! The vest is really cute!

  3. The shoes look great. I have never been to Opitz, which is probably not a good thing.