Monday, May 23, 2011

Why I've Been Blowing This Blog Off

So.  A couple weeks ago, my costuming buddies announced that they were going to attend the Guthrie Theater's Dance Party on May 21st, and did I want to go?  (Actually, it was more like, "Whadya mean you aren't going????  YES YOU ARE."  They are a pushy lot.)

Once I check my schedule and realized I had absolutely nothing going on that weekend, I agreed to attend.  Tickets were cheap, I had a designated driver, and who am I to turn down a dance party?  There was just one slight problem - I had nothing suitable to wear.

That's where my bestie, Laura, and 4.5 yards of purple black-shot taffeta came in.  Laura decided she could whip out a French pet en l'air in 2 weeks for me.  I'd be in charge of the pocket hoops (which were EVIL) and the underskirt.  Here is the result:

Me and the Guthrie Parking Ramp.

I love the pet en l'air - the color is to die for, and the fit is fabulous.  Plus, Laura gave a piece of smocked fabric she had made (!) for the stomacher.  It matched perfectly and was sooooo decorative and fancy-pants.

I also love that little tricorn.  Laura found it at Forever 21 (in a non-tricorn shape), and I bent it into position, then trimmed it out.  It works great with my poufty platinum wig from eBay.

However, I am less than thrilled with the underskirt I made.  The top fabric of the costume is light and drapey, but the under fabric is way too heavy.  It should pouf out more over my pocket hoops, and the volume should match the volume of the pet en l'air.  Note to self - heavy fabric over light fabric when making a jacket-y type thingee.

I also want to make a box pleated trim for the bottom.  And then trim the bottom of the pet en l'air with more of the black ribbon trim.  Then I think the lines will match up better and give the overall costume a better look.

Laura and I and ALL OUR HAIR.

Therefore, before I wear this ensemble again, I need to find a similar taffeta as the purple in either all black or a tone-on-tone pattern.  I need to cut out and sew a new underskirt (takes less than an hour).  I need to find more of that black trim for the pet en l'air.  I need to spend OH GAH 3+ HOURS sewing it on the bottom of the jacket.

And then I need to learn how to make box-pleated trim.  Sigh.

One last shot of all of us and all our sparkly GLORY:


  1. You look fabulous! Hope you had a great time. Nice to see you back.

  2. WHOA. I am seriously impressed at all the craftiness! You look amazing, heavy skirt fabric or no.

  3. Awesome! Everyone looks fabulous!

  4. It really did turn out nicely, didn't it? And I think you need a full robe a la francaise. really.