Friday, June 3, 2011

Scottish Rocker Pirate

Sometimes, you got to have a theme.  And last Friday night's theme was vaguely Scottish.  But with my pirate boots and octopus necklace.  And a corset-style belt.  Yeah.

Why was I dressed like that, you ask?  Well, I answer, to get a free pint at my new favorite pub, Merlin's Rest.  If you wear a kilt, tartan or a corset, they reward you with free boozle!  And far be it from me to pass up free.

Since all my corsets are definitely underwear, I decided to fudge it a bit with a corset belt.  Then, I threw in some tartan, to make it extra beer-worthy.  And then my faux-leather jacket to make it RAWK:

I even channeled my inner-early-80's-Madonnna.  But only for a moment:

And then I stopped.  To answer the obvious question, yes.  I got a free pint.  Yum!

What's going on:
Black faux-leather jacket, Target by way of the Salvation Army lower level
Tartan dress, Saver's
Corset belt, Target for real
Black leggings, JC Penney's
Black pirate boots, Payless
Octopus necklace, gift from my buddy Ashley


  1. I like going to trivia at Merlin's Rest. Next time i'm there, I'll have to wear plaid!

  2. Awesome tartan dress and I love! the huge awesome belt! Sounds like you had a good time.