Thursday, June 16, 2011

Other Stuff I Wore

As you may have guessed - I like to wear costumes.  I like to design them, I like to plan them, I like to make them (mostly), and I like to wear them on appropriate - and inappropriate - occasions.  It is How I Roll.  And here is how I rolled last weekend at the Chippewa Valley Ren Faire:

Please excuse the wrinkled skirt.  My power went out the morning of the Faire, and thus, so did my iron.  Sigh.  Normally I would have pressed IN the pleats and pressed OUT the fold lines.  I also need to shorten the hem - the underlying farthingale (hoop skirt thing) isn't too short, the skirt is just too long (I kept stomping on it with my stompy boots).  I'll eventually add a boat-load of trim, too.  Also, also, the hat looks wonky because the band that holds it on my head done broke.

Here I am, trying to give good My Space Face, as one does in period clothing:

And in true Wench Posse (the name of my costuming group - we are a sassy lot) fashion, Too Much Rawk For One Hand:

The Deets:
Doublet style bodice - pattern by Margo Anderson, cut out by me, sewn by my bestie, Laura, hand-sewn by me.
Partlett (the white, froofy shirt) - pattern by Laura, cut out by me, sewn by Laura, hand-sewn by me.
Pleated skirt - cut out by me, pleated and sewn by Laura.  Eventual changes, will be done by me.
Basket - JoAnn Fabrics.  Yes, I carry a basket.  DEAL WITH IT.
Hat - La Paloma by way of my buddy, Ashley.  Trimmed by me.
Snood type thing - sewn by me.
Excessive jewels - gifts from my peeps, and teeny-bopper stores.

Note a theme here?  Laura sews, I cut out.  We play to our strengths, and I have mad cutting skillz, yo.  Also, I am a slow sewer, so Laura whipped this out for me in two hours.  She is a pro, peeps.  Don't worry, I repaid her fine work by drafting up a pattern, and cutting out a dress for her:

So I'm not a total lazy slacker, I promise.


  1. Your costume looks great. I like dressing up, but I've never done it for a Ren Fest.

  2. Oh wow you both look so awesome! I knew when I followed your blog I was in for some awesome posts. I'm so angry that it poured almost all during May (TN Renn Faire every weekend in May). I just couldn't face the mud and guck.

  3. You both look amazing! And hey, cutting out is HARD!

  4. You've mentioned that, you wore your personally made costumes in an appropriate or inappropriate way. Regarding this Chippewa Valley event, does it needs to be in corporate clothing with corporate apparel? Or the ones that you wore?

  5. That looks like so much fun! If I lived near you, I would be all over that event (wench posse? so in!).