Friday, June 17, 2011

Thug-Life Heidi

It's Friday, so that means I get to dress myself up in a theme outfit (granted, that theme is usually unintentional, and doesn't reveal itself until I'm looking at the outfit photos).  Today's theme is yodeling in the hood, yo.  Multiple chain necklaces always reads very gangsta to me.  At least, on my body, it does.

The obviously fake braid in my hair was an attempt to dress up a bland, I-don't-wanna-do-my-hair ponytail.  Even though it is SO VERY FAKE, I kind of love it.  I bought two blonde braids, for a grand total of $15, to use for costuming.  But I think they might find their evil fake way into my mundane wardrobe.

The other big story about today's outfit are the AMAZING AWESOME SHOES OF GLORY.  Behold:

Behold some more:

On a side note, GAH.  Why does my ankle look so fat at that angle?  Ick.  Moving on.

Today's ensemble was inspired by a sad affliction - backne, aka zits on my back.  They have reached critical mass, and I had to coat my entire back with extra strength zit cream.  Which will bleach ones clothing.  Therefore, I had to wear an old bra and a plain white shirt.

However, a white t-shirt and pants does not a stylish outfit make.  Thus, the pile o' necklaces, the Heidi-esque braid and the amazing shoes I thrifted yesterday.  Good shoes and enough jewelry can elevate any look, don't you think?  Yes?  No?  Whatever, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

The Hills Are Alive, Holmes:
T-shirt, Target Mossimo brand
Skinny cargo pants, Target Mossimo brand
Black chunky sandals, Aeresoles by way of Value Village in Richfield, MN
Fake braid, Claire's Boutique
Necklaces, Tassle necklace is from a garage sale and the pearled one is from Savers.

P.S.  My shoe purchase was totally and completely inspired by the awesome sandals Sally McGraw wears over at  I even refer to them as my Sally shoes.

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  1. Those are very sweet shoes! Love the chunky goodness of them!