Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nothing New Under The Sun

Today's outfit is a retread of a look I often wear - dress + cardigan.  But it works for me, and better still?  It works for when I have to be on the Tee Vee.  The dress part is dressy enough, and the cardigan gives me something to attach my mike pack to.

Can you see all that sunshine pouring in from the window off to the right?  YAY SUN!!!!  It's finally summer around these parts, and that means I can finally wear my cute sandals:

This is my sad attempt at the infamous "Grab The Heel Of Your Shoe" pose.  Not my favorite.  I'd rather show off my cute shoes like this:

That's more like it!
Brown 3/4 sleeve cardigan, rando teeny-bopper store
Water-color tank dress, gift from Dad and StepMom from Dillard's dress department (LOVE)
Brown t-strap sandals, um.  I don't remember.  Sorry!!!
Gold coin necklace, Opitz Outlet

In all honesty, I didn't wear this outfit for long.  I changed into grubbies to clean my garage:

Just keeping it real, folks.


  1. Gorgeous watercolor dress. Those are some of my favorite colors this summer. Nothin' wrong with a summer uniform.

    In interest of disclosure, I ended up losing the wrap top and sandals, adding a pair of socks and my nookbook today. I rarely stay in the same outfit all day.

  2. hey
    how r u doing
    i want to use the first to pictures in a post at my blog is that fine
    i want to talk about this pose :D ?