Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm Still Standing

Someday, I'll get the hang of posting outfits every day.  Or maybe more than once a week...

In the mean time, here's what I wore last Thursday, when it was SO FREAKING COLD in Minnesota.  Seriously, it was October weather in June, which makes most of the denizens of my fair state a wee bit cranky.

above: A Girl And Her Vacuum.

Or?  above: The All-Day Sucker.  Bwahaha!  Okay, I guess I'm the only one who finds that amusing.

Why am I posing with my vacuum cleaner?  Why not... and because I had left it over by the bookshelf in a reminder to myself to actually USE THE DARN THING.  My house is in dire need of cleaning, peeps.

I actually don't mind vacuuming, it's the dusting that always gets me down.

Umm.  Huh.  I look like I'm about to devour a man, then clean his living room.  And no, that is NOT a euphemism for anything.  Moving on.

Olive drab draped cardigan, Forever 21
Mauve tunic tank top, Marshall's
Skinny jeans, Express on clearance
Black boots, Circa Joan & David from Macy's?  I think?
Vacuum cleaner, Bissell from Walmart


  1. I love your pictures! And, I just watched a good atmospheric horror film I think you might like. "Vanishing on Seventh Street".

  2. That's a fab tunic. I think you win the award for most unique blogging prop.