Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sheila Says

Dudes!  I have arrived as a fashion blogger!  How do I know that?  Because the lovely and well-dressed Sheila of Ephemera said so.  How did she say so?  She gave me a Major Award!  THAT IS DEEPLY COOL, PEEPS.  Thank you, Sheila, for sticking with my sporatic, not-so-daily daily style blog.

Sheila said one of the things she liked best about my Scary Closet are the costumes.  Sheila, you are in luck, because I have more costumes to show you!

Last year (2011, hee-hee) in early December, I helped host our MN costuming guild's first Big Holiday Bash.  It's called: A Steampunk Christmas Carol, Fezziwig's Party.  And it was EPIC.  As was the costuming:

Behold!  My buddies (the Wench Posse) and I in our official portrait for 2011.  Yup, we are a fun, historically incorrect bunch!

Here's what I wore:

Formal-wear Assassin* Ensemble:
Silver/black tiny top hat, gift from Laura, embelished by me
Black ruffled blouse, Victoria's Secret by way of eBay
Black satin corselet, made by me with GREAT DIFFICULTY
Grey/blue apron with ball-fringe trim, made by me, pattern by Victorian Times (?)
Grey/blue bustle with ball-fringe trim, bustled by Laura, sewn by me
Black lace-up boots, Durango by way of eBay
Black lacy tights, gift from Heather
Black leather arm-warmers, China by way of eBay

*My Steampunk "persona" is an assassin.  I like having a persona, it helps me plan out my costumes.  What makes this costume assassin-y?  The thigh-holster and pistol you can't see in this photo.

My costuming bestie, Laura, also looked fabulous:

She wore her Steampunk Snow Queen costume, as befitting her position as our guild's President.  I told her if she was the Snow Queen, then my costume was Black Ice.  That's a MN joke for those of you in warmer climes...

Check out these other fabulous folk:

above: My Ren Fest buddy, Dave, and his gorgeous wife, Chris...

above:  My friend, Carol, admires Traci's uber-cool metal Steampunk'd arm.  BTW, Traci makes those for purchase...

Laura and I would like to leave you with the power of RAWK:

And again, thank you Sheila!!!!

NOTE:  official photos courtesy of Jim Jordan, Photographer.


  1. So awesome! Congrats on the award. Sheila's the best. I love your dress. Looks like you ladies had a bunch of rip-roaring fun.

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  3. Well I should thank Sheila for giving you the award as well. I love costumes/garb and your costumes/garb are top notch! If it hadn't been for her, I would never have known about your blog. : D