Thursday, January 12, 2012

Trying To Be Fancy-Like

Dudes, work is a waking nightmare - too much work, too much change, too many people involved.  The only way I could cope yesterday with teaching/managing/producing/etc. was to wear something mildly creative.  Here you go:

Layers!  Funky tights!  (not that you can see them in these photos...)  No black!  Trust me, this is the height of creativity that I can muster right now.

I love this dress so much.  It was a gift from my StepMama for my birthday, and cost a cool $25 on sale.  Bless you, Dillards dress department!

The boots are a bad-ass JCPenney's find.  Tres inexpensive, and comfy enough wear to teach a 3 hour class.  On my feet.  The whole time.

Joooooo-wreeeee!  I decided on a close-up, since they never show in my full-length photos.

The Deets:
Teal tank top, Express
Watercolored dress, Dillards in Omaha
Chocolate blazer, Daytons from 1997!  Still love it, though
Micro-fishnet tights, Target.  And they don't make them anymore.  And I got a hole in mine.
Chocolate boots, JCPenney's 2008 on SALE
Jewelry, Necklace is Lia Sophia and the earrings are Target

Now... back to the salt mines!!!

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  1. What a fab painterly dress! It is the most insanely busy time of year. Hooray for the close up photo! I nearly never wear jewelry because even in real life it rarely gets seen!