Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to MEEEE!!!!

You say it's your birthday?  It's my birthday, too, yeah!  Seriously, it is.  I turn 39 years old today - woot!  Last year of my thirties!  Party on, Wayne and Garth. 

My sister-in-law has declared 39 to be a more better year that 38.  Why?  Because 38 is so unnecessary and lacking in meaning, but 39 has PURPOSE.  I'm on board with that, as random as it sounds.  Why not, I ask you?

As I am spending my entire birthday in my jammies, I thought I'd show you pretty piccies of what I want to be wearing.  But would have to purchase first, lest I being stealing clothes...

Merona® Womens Scoopneck Ponte Dress w/Pleats - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window

Merona dress, $24.99.  I once owned this Target dress in black in a size Medium.  I've lost 10 lbs since then, and amped up the color in my wardrobe - so now I want this in that teal green in a size Small.

Mossimo® Womens Printed Shift Dress - Brown Print.Opens in a new window

Mossimo Dress, $29.99.  This Target dress is so freaking CUTE.  And it's BROWN, so I can wear it with BROWN BOOTS.  Yes, the All Caps are necessary - I almost never find cute tunics in a brown color-way.  This may be my birthday gift to my self. :)

Merona® Collection Womens Graham Knit Dress - Black.Opens in a new window

Merona Dress, on sale for $13.98.  In the clearance section on Target's website!  I CAN NOT OWN ENOUGH BLACK DRESSES.  It's a sickness, peeps.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to wander over to and do a bit of shopping there!


  1. Happy Birthday, Erin! Think of 39 as being 13...three times!

    I love that first dress - so pretty.

  2. Happy Birthday!! Looks like some really great picks!

    1. Hey hey, happy birthday!! From one MN gal to another, have a GREAT day!