Monday, January 16, 2012

I Wore Clothes This Weekend

... just in case you were concerned.  It snowed here, too, making it necessary that I clothe myself.  Lest I freeze and all that.

Why did I bother getting dressed?  To attend the Operation Glass Slipper sale with my bestie, Laura, and her daughter, the lovely G.  All fancy dresses were a mere $5, and wedding dresses (which none of us needed, but are still fun to try on) were $50 or less.  G and I nabbed a few dresses each, and Laura picked up a slinky pink number.  Photos to come as we wear them.

Here's how I dressed to try on dresses:

As usual, the outfit is all about the boots - my faux-Fryes from Target:

The outfit also showcases one of my bazillion scarves.  This one is from a silk vendor in California:

It's a mix of irridescent purple and green, so it matches roughly 85% of my wardrobe...

I even got a close-up of the jewels, folks:

Nope, I'm not a natural blonde.  Shocking, for sure!

Shopping Wear:
Silk scarf, picked up by Laura during her summer trip to Cali
Grey ruffled and drapey cardigan, Moth via the CHAP Store for a mere $3.50
Blue tank, Express
Leggings, Old Navy
Grey boot socks, Target (LOVE THEM!)
Black harness boots, Target via my sister-in-law
Black and silver earrings, Target

What did you crazy kids do this weekend?

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