Thursday, February 9, 2012

Still Dressed

Barely.  Hah!  PUN.  BARE.  Eh, whatever, it's the best I've got tonight.  I am beyond tired, stressed and overworked - thus, I lack any and all witty banter.  But I don't lack a cool shirt!  Let me show you:

I KNOW.  That embroidery is off the HOOK.  Best of all, it's not just pretty on the front and the sleeves.  It's also embroidered on the back.  Behold!

It's pretty both coming AND going!  Love it!

BUT (there's always a but).  It's one of those pieces of clothing where the item itself is stunningly beautiful.  However, the item does not make ME look stunningly beautiful, regardless of how gorgeous it may be.  In fact, it kind of makes me look pregnant.  And hippy.  A hippy pregnant lady.

Also, it's a bit... much.  I feel like the tunic is wearing me, and not the other way around.  But I've toned it down the best I can with basic black leggings and big-ass boots.  So, all in all, I still feel pretty, oh so pretty!

Red Indian tunic (actually FROM India), gift from a dear friend (thus I will never be parted from it!)
Leggings, Express bought on sale
Black over the knee boots, Payless
Curly-ass hair, courtesy of my parents' genes.

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