Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Quick Change Artist

This is NOT what I started out wearing today.  Today, for my biweekly Fox 9 appearance, I wore this outfit here.  But you've seen that already, and it's not the most office-appropriate ensemble (I won't wear OTK socks with bare legs to the office.  However, after looking at my photos, I apparently have no problem flashing cleavage.  Huh).

Ergo, I hied myself home and changed into this:

Classic Blogger Pose #1.  And...

Classic Pose #2.  What can I say?  If it ain't broke, don't change the pose.

Here is what it is:
Red, black, white and blue zig-zag patterned dress, bought it for $5 off my buddy, Ashley
Black drapey cardigan with ruched sleeves, Macy's clearance rack
Black sheer footless tights, Target (the $5 bin)
Black faux-suede boots, Target (Isaac Mizrahi for Target from back in the day)
Silver and black medallion necklace, Lia Sophia "show"
Ginormo silver hoops, NY&Co.  Maybe

I know, yet ANOTHER pair of black boots make their appearance.  And I still have one other pair you've never seen - a pair from Nine West from the late 90's.  I don't wear them much any more (they're dated and uncomfortable) but I keep them for sentimental reasons.  They were my gateway boots into all the zillion other pairs I now own.

Let's take a closer look at the suede-y ones:

Cute, cute, cute.  BUT.  That's kind of a higher heel for tromping around in, so I only bust them out when I know I won't be moving much.  And since I'm now off to sit and monitor a video shoot, movement won't be an issue.

P.S.  Those cords in the picture are from my sewing machine.  Yep, I sew - costuming stuff.  Not, you know, daily wear.

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  1. Sweet dress! The boots are cute I think. Not bad for target boots! My walmart moto boots died after too short a time.