Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ghost In The Machine

Sigh.  I get one problem fixed on my laptop, and another one pops up.  Now my computer won't recognize my camera.  Which means I can't download photos.  And photos, as we all know, are of VITAL IMPORTANCE to a daily fashion blog.

Fortunately, My Closet Should Not Be Scary (MCSNBS) is about TWO of my favorite topics - the other being scary stuff.  And scary stuff doesn't need pictures.  In fact, sometimes it's better not to see the horror.  So, let's get spooky, y'all.

Raise your hand if you love  If you don't, what's wrong with you?  It's the source of all knowledge - or at least, the knowledge that matters most - what scary movies are coming out when.

My favorite feature of is their Popular Movies By Genre pages (Super-easy to find on their IPhone app).  Based on number of Internet hits received, the media gurus at IMDb list the top 50 movies by genre, including horror.

Some of the movies on the Horror Page are oldies-but-goodies - stuff you've probably already seen.  For example, as I type, Alien is ranked at #21.  And right above it at #20 is that travesty of movie which everyone should avoid and instead read the book which is EPIC in its awesomeness *breathes after run-on sentence*, The Shining.  I kind of hate that movie.  A lot.  So did Stephen King, so I feel justified.  Although I didn't like his mini-series either.

The Popular Movies page also includes movies that are coming soon, like Scream 4 (#5), Red State (#11), and Apollo 18 (#24) - all of which I'm trying to con my friends into seeing with me.  And you'll find movies you need to rent NOW, like Severance (#41), Paranormal Activity 2 (#13), and Devil (#14).  Really helps a sister out when she's staring blankly at the Red Box screen.

Another thing (or rather, things) I love about are the Plot Summaries, Synopsis, User Reviews, and External Reviews.  With horror movies, I don't mind a spoiler or two.  Especially if the spoiler is, "and then she got raped."  Yeah.  I don't truck with rape scenes in my horror movies... or any movie for that matter.  It always feels gratuitous, and I don't need to see that shizz.

What Internet/App movie features do you guys use to suss out great horror (or other) films?

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  1. I love imdb. I use it for watching all the movies certain actors are in and finding out about movies that weren't necessarily released in the US. Prime examples: Simon Pegg and Karl Urban have been in some fantastic movies that were from NZ or UK based releases. I usually search by actors for new movies.

    Oh! I also use it for cross referencing who's in what. My DH has a knack for picking out people who are voice-acting or were in another series/movie, and he blows my mind making the connections. He just told me Jason Gideon is Inigo Montoya. @_@

    I occasionally use Wiki if there isn't a good plot synopsis or summary. I usually don't mind spoilers and would prefer to know what I'm getting into - ESPECIALLY with horror movies. I was so scared to watch Carriers (2009, Chris Pine ♥), but after reading about it felt comfortable watching it.