Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Well, hey there!  New readers, new commenters, all up in the 'hood!  Welcome to my closet, and please don't be afraid.  The only thing scary about it is what I'm wearing today:

Eeeeek!  Frightening, I know.
It's a snow day today in Minnesota, so I'm working from home.  And when I'm at home, I wear this:
Track pants, Target
White tube socks, Target
Animal t-shirt, gift from my buddy, Renee
Red hoodie, bought during college on a cold morning to wear to crew practice.  Yes, I was on crew.  No, I wasn't very good.

Tomorrow, I'll wear "real" clothes, I promise.  And if the weather continues to suck, I'll probably be wearing boots, too.


  1. Pretty similar to what I rock when I know only my kids will be looking at me. :) When the hubs is home I'll make an effort to put on jeans. Maybe.


  2. Firstly congrats on the snow day! I tend to wear about the same thing - pajama pants, leggings, hubby's t shirt and my hoodie.

    Second I have NOT read the October Daye series but it will definitely go onto my 'wish to read list'. I have an unrealistically long list of books and British tv, not including the ones that pop up super cheap on the Nook (See: Amanda Hocking's Trylle series that clocked in at under $6 took me 2 days to read all three). But I thank you for the recommendation, I will hopefully have loads of reading time this summer.

    Just from a glance it has similar feelings to Tanya Huff's Long Hot Summoning mixed with Mercedes Lackey's Elves on the Road universe. Both old favorites. I'll end this otherwise I'll spend forever babbling about books. Thanks again!

  3. That's how I look every Sunday morning at 7 a.m. when taking the dog for a walk... ;)
    (The only two living beings seen outside at this time on a Sunday morning: Sal and her dog. Or the dog and her Sal?)

    Continue rambling about books, please! :)
    Books are my biggest source of learning English (especially paranormal romance... very educating, don't you think? ;) )


  4. Hi! I saw your comment over on the Still Dark @ Heart blog and the name of your blog intrigued me. :) I love your style (well, except maybe today's look ;) ) so I signed up to follow you. Looking forward to seeing more of your outfits!

    Sophistique Noir - Dark, Elegant Fashion