Thursday, March 1, 2012

Still Truckin'

On Tuesday, I wore a skirt, a closet orphan (to quote a Sally McGraw term), and a different pair of boots than what I wore on Monday.  What I didn't do?  Take a dang picture.  However, I wore that gear on TV.  Roll video!

And no, that was not a shameless plug to get you to watch my Cheap Chick segments... ;)

What I Wore On TV:
Red cowl-neck sweater, Express
Black ribbed cardigan, The Gap (on clearance)
Corset belt (aka, the closet orphan), Target
Charcoal grey pin-striped skirt, Issac Mizrahi for Target (god I miss his stuff)
Black sheer tights, Marshalls
Black boots, Circa Joan & David from Macy's (?).  That's their last wearing until I take them to George's Shoes for cobbling.

Yesterday, on Wednesday, I wore my third pair of boots, but no skirt.  We had a Snow My God day, and I needed to dress weather-appropriate.

Yesterday's closet orphan is that cream sweater/coat.  It's soooooooo warm, often TOO warm.  However, it was perfect for sitting in the freezing studio at my other job (yes, all my jobs involve studios, it's true).

The scarf, boots and jeggings are far from being orphans.  In fact, I wear them a wee bit too much, if you ask me...

The other orphan is the navy T-shirt.  It's flattering and a good layering piece and yet... I almost never wear it.  Bad me!  Time to put that baby on heavy rotation!

Wednesday's Winter Wear:
Cream sweater/coat, gift from my bestie Cindy
Grey fringed scarf, gift from my SIL
Navy T-shirt, Target clearance rack
Jeggings, Target
Black OTK boots, Payless

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  1. Aww you look so cute in that video! Also an interesting fact - Nashville spends third-most in terms of clothing. (The first two slots were basically D/C and a neighboring city)

    And in that sweater. I have so many "closet orphan" basics. I know realistically they'll go with a million things but never get worn. Hope yours get more wear.